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Week 6 Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. This defence can't tell its arse from its elbow at the moment.
  2. These announcers need to calm down
  3. We make players look better than they are for far too long.
  4. no edge rush discipline and pierce and williams are never catching dalton - poor edge play
  5. Please recover
  6. We better recover this kick!
  7. So did Canady replace Flacco as the love of your life?
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  8. Opposing offenses always get lucky with injuries before playing us. This game isn't close with Jimmy out there, be lucky Cincy.
  9. Canady’s performance as a Ravens CB was the worst I’ve ever seen in Ravens history and I’ve seen every damn game .
  10. i mean he's not wrong on this - canady's getting a load of undeserved flack this game
  11. short.... GAME OVER.
  12. Ballgame
  13. I mean. Cincy has Green and their 2 best OTs out. Not sure how the game would go with them.
  14. Melvin against the Pats?
  15. what on earth are you talking about
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  16. SEA in the RZ (16 yard line)
  17. No you havent
  18. Game was closer than it should have been, but take the W
  19. TD Seahawks
  20. TD Seattle
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