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Week 7 Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. You know the rest of our division on bye was counting on us losing here ... especially since I kind of was too lol
  2. Congrats guys!!! Very happy for ya! 5-2 is awesome!
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  3. Big win today.
  4. I know I said that if the D can put this game out there with some consistency, we are going to be dangerous.
  5. They outplayed us in first half and moving the ball at will. I don’t know what was said at halftime but we came out in the second half and were impressive!
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  6. We actually did it I can’t believe it we don’t win those games around here
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  7. This is the first complete game we've played against a good team. Rest up and then try to continue the streak against the Pats.
  8. Congrats and I hope you kick the Pats ass!
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  9. lmao
  10. BYNES AND LJ FORT >>>>>>>>>>>> those young scrubs that held us BACK
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  11. Nice win for the Pack. Offense looked the best all around this entire season for you guys.
  12. I had my doubts too but I knew if we could be competitive with The Chiefs then we can be the same with The Seahawks.Glad we won.
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  13. It did finally! Bears just lost too so this Sunday was Eve more amazing!
  14. It's just been so long where it happened more than once a season. This whole team seems to be buying in.

    It looks like we're becoming a GOOD team again.
  15. I still want to see a little more crispness and dominance perse from our offense (i.e. spreading the ball around to multiple receivers more consistently) BUT I absolutely loved what I saw today with the exception of those uncharacteristic drops from Andrews. I love how the "pieces" that we've brought in on defense have ALL come in with a certain type of swagger to them that adds to the mystique of the Ravens defense!

    We're 5-2 in total command of the AFC North and heading into a BYE WEEK after a win like that!


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  16. Yeah, but we still played them tough in the red zone. It did seem like Wink had their number in the second half.
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  17. My cousin Aikem Hicks plays for the Bears.
  18. Yeah our front 7 played much better in the 2nd half. They couldn’t run and we were actually getting some pressure on RW.
  19. Jamison Hensley @jamisonhensley

    Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Lamar Jackson convinced him to go for it on fourth-and-2 and pull field goal team off the field
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  20. That was a game turning moment. Honestly Jackson looker Brady-esque in his competitiveness out there today. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB play like that for this team. I’m not talking about throwing the ball just fire
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