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The Lamar, The Bengals and The Record Books

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. This offence is unreal - in terms of drive efficiency and points per drive this offence is currently up there with the 07 Pats and the Shanahan Falcons teams as we go along...


    Lamar joining Big Ben (2007) as only the 2nd QB all time to have 2 perfect passer ratings in a single season and becomes only the 6th QB in NFL History with multiple perfect passer ratings in their career.
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  2. Personally I was more impressed with the Bengals as a team today.
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  3. John Harbaugh’ Ravens finally win 5 straight regular season games.
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  4. I'm just glad we got arguably the most exciting QB/player in the NFL. Thank you Ozzie and DeCosta
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  5. Is that you Mike Preston?
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Per Hensley it happened before in 2010
  8. The Unreal-Lamar Friggin Jackson. An elite QB in his first full season.
    The Great-The tight ends and Hollywood putting on a show .The oline keeping Lamar safe. Defensive turnovers.
    The Good-The Run game keeping them honest.
    The Not so Good-Our Run D .We still have a tough time getting to the QB.
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  9. He's wrong unless he's counting the playoff win with reg season
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  10. This was fun. I love watching Lamar play.
  11. Let's all be honest here. Bob is bad.
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  12. That’s Jason Whitlock actually
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  13. That’s why it’s important to run him out there in trash time and keep Lamar healthy.
  14. n
    no preston said a similar thing after the hawks game
  15. McSorley may end up taking over next season as the backup, if we don't find someone better.
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  16. Wrong. First time under Harbaugh and first 5 win streak since we did it in 2006.
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  17. Speak for yourself had a segment where Whitlock and tony Gonzales both spent 5 minutes each explaining why the patriots looked better than the ravens last week
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  18. yes, I'm aware of that one also
  19. Yep for sure.
  20. Ravens radio announcer after second TD, " Two of the Seven fans that showed up just got up and left the game, the other five are wearing Ravens jerseys."
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