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Film Breakdowns

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I thought I'd create a separate thread for film breakdowns, ie Baldy's Breakdowns, etc..., instead of posting them in the Random Thought Thread.
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  2. Is it me or is the Texans blocking scheme kinda weird in that clip? The C moves to Peka, so the right guard doubles Wormley, which means the LG is one-on-one with the biggest, strongest D-lineman. Is that because they don't see Williams as a pash rush threat or is there something subtle I'm missing?
  3. i think it's because tyus bowser drops into coverage rather than rushing - they're expecting to be 1v1 across the board but tyus drops into coverage so the tackle takes wormley and the RG has to choose between doubling peko or wormley and chooses wormley
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  4. Didn't spot him there - that explains it.
  5. Wormley deserves some credit on that sack. He was double teamed and still held contain. Watson was essentially boxed in.
  6. Let’s just hope Baldy feels the same after the Rams game. Bozeman is prolly waking up in cold sweats this week knowing the task he has in front of him. However, I trust that Roman has a plan to deal with Donald. He’s gonna get his pressures and probably a sack or two but I don’t see him wrecking this game for us. He hasn’t played against a QB quite like Lamar.
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  7. MVP Trajectory

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  8. and even though they have been posted here, I make sure to go to youtube and like them.

    That being said, they are really good and should be posted here.
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  11. Two things that should be hammered over and over is he goes thru reads and puts the ball where only the receiver can get it unlike Capt Checkdown. Love you Flacco but just the truth!

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