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2020 WR Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Thought it might be time for a positional thread because it's no longer early in the process.

    This video is the first time i've seen anyone outside of these boards talk about the possibility of the ravens doubling down on another fast wr in the 2020 draft (about 5 mins in)

    Just made me think philosophically that that's the clearest way this offence can get even better is to add even more speed to this historically dominant offence

    Obviously an incredibly strong wr class too
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  2. Lol, glad they are catching up to us. Then again, we watch in detail every week.
  3. simms is right though - if we find another hollywood brown or an athletic deep threat to put extra stress on defenders then we're cooking

    we've said it enough the two of us but I think I'd be in dreamland if we managed to pick Devonta Smith up in this draft
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  4. I have a feeling he's up there on Eric's board - speed, hands, routes and he blocks, too.
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  5. would be a big deal to be able to have a guy who's a game-changer on the field when we play-action but also on the field to help spring in the running game so that we can be more multiple

    hollywood's great because the defence cant stop him even when they know we're passing - would be great to add someone like devonta to the mix who isnt a tell on what we're doing offensively (not that hollywood doesnt try and block - just not great at it)
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  6. I also like this dude but I don't think he'll last long on day 1

  7. If we’re adding another wr, I’m loving jaelen raegor. This dude isn’t Hollywood fast, but he’s very close and I think his running style is more electric than his, he’s very much like a mecole hardman, where his burners turn on instantly after he varies his speed to find that sweet spot in the defense and make the catch, and man his jukes are flat out violent.

    Also obviously devonta Smith is a great fit being such a crafty and explosive route runner

    To me it would be just deadly to have Hollywood and a raegor or smith outside and let Boykin play big slot
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    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  8. Tyler johnson from Minnesota in the 2nd / 3rd round please. I still hope the first round nets us a EDGE or Interior Oline. Yanda wont be here forever.
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  9. Really like KJ Hamler, long, route runner, fast as shit, good ball tracking. This wr class is really growing on me
  10. Come on now. This is probably the best ever WR class.
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  11. Yeah but I hadn’t dug that deep lol. I’m watching one at a time basically every one I watch I like. Jeudy obviously, Ruggs obviously, then I watched devonta Smith, jaelen raegor, tee Higgins, and
    Kj hamler, and the only one I haven’t really liked is Higgins.
  12. Shenault and Lamb next
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  13. Oh yeah I had already studied those 2 from last offseason lol I was well aware of them.

    Shenault is... fun, not the most slam dunk prospect ever but a really exciting one for sure. And lamb is just a stud, he doesn’t get enough respect and should go top 10 imo.
  14. it's floor is the 2014 class and that's a pretty high floor if you ask me.
  15. Lamb is one of my favorite foods. Will it be the first course or second.
  16. Imagine somehow pairing lamb and Hollywood back. How electric that would be. Lamb is going in the teens though.
  17. It would be great and yes no chance we get him.

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