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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  2. Any chance we can take our shot at passing it for being Orioles fans?
  3. That's amazing. LMAO. Wow.
  4. no, but if you get the Skins fan base to join you, you may have a shot.
  5. LMAO. I think that could work, we have both dealt with terrible ownership and therefore it should be easy to pass. The Maryland Medical Board would just see The Angelo Family & Dan Snyder and grant it without a second thought.
  6. Board got that one right. Fans of these two teams need stronger stuff.
  7. Jameis Winston had Laisk Eye Surgery to correct his vision ahead of Free Agency, and it's interesting to note Bruce Arians commented on Winston's vision at the end of the season.

  8. How much more do these teams have to suck to give those pathetic but deserving fans some solace? Come on man!
  9. This offseason is going to be so massive for the bills

    they're an ascending team with a good coaching staff, the pats might be starting to rebuild, and they have 80m (3rd most in NFL) in cap space to spend this season - massive decisions
  10. Iff Josh Allen continues to improve...
  11. Yesterday, a local Detroit TV Station was reporting that the Lions were in trade talks to trade QB Matthew Stafford. They then backed up their claim citing that before their report, Kelly Stafford posted on instagram saying "Well if Detroit is done with us …,” she posted. “I could stay in Cali.."


    Now since she posted that on instagram before the report, I'd say the TV station saw that and ran with it using it as the source to claim the Lions were trying to trade Stafford. Considering the Ford Family expects the playoffs this year or the Patriot way will be gone, I don't see them trading Stafford until next year. I'll play along, if they were to trade him this year:

    - Chargers: His wife prefers Cali and they need a QB and this helps the Chargers win now opposed to waiting on a rookie QB who may or may not develop. Also... Tom Brady is available without the need for giving up Draft Picks.

    - Colts: Jacoby Brissett is alright but not the guy. Sure they lose their first round pick(and more obviously) but he would be sitting behind an offensive line that allowed the fewest sacks in 2018, he is only 32 years old meaning you'll get more long term value in what you lose in picks.

    - Titans: Perhaps the Titans may want in on a proven veteran QB who is an improvement over Tannehill and has a team who is ready to win in the next couple seasons. He has nice weapons over there in Tennessee with AJ Brown and Derrick Henry to hand the ball off to.

    - Buccaneers: Florida is just like California so his wife would be happy. Bruce Arians worked wonders with Winston in his first year in Tampa, we've seen what he did with Carson Palmer in Arizona. Stafford would instantly put the Bucs in contention in a NFC South where Drew Brees is aging, the Falcons are still recovering from the 28-3 comeback and the Panthers are essentially beginning a total rebuild.

    - Patriots: If Stafford were available and Brady decided he wanted to play in the bright lights of Vegas or join his former teammate Mike Vrabel in Tennessee or whatever team he decides to sign with not named the Patriots. Stafford would give Belichick a great option of a veteran QB without the total rebuild on a rookie QB. Sure they lose picks but Belichick would just grab some random guy off the street and be back in the playoff hunt anyway.
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  12. pretty sure her instagram was after the trade rumours came out - which is why she posted because she was upset about it

    it's also a patently ridiculous suggestion that stafford would be done in detroit for contractual reasons - it would literally cost the lions 10m in cap space to get rid of him - the earliest he'd be gone is after next year (and even then they'd have about 20m in dead money on their cap if they got rid of him - albeit they would save around 14m)
  13. As the NFL do their best to get the Players Union to agree on a 17 game season and a shortened preseason, the NFL is proposing a new way of implementing the 5th year option for rookies that would essentially push their fifth year option money to the equal of the Franchise Tag. I just don't think using the Pro Bowl as the requirement works given this would only apply to the players who are FIRST announced as Pro Bowl selections, not those who are replacements for the Super Bowl players or injuries and such.

    Per multiple sources, the proposed CBA would give first-round picks an escape hatch from the fifth-year option as currently calculated. If a first-round pick makes it to the Pro Bowl twice in his first three seasons, the amount of the fifth-year option would spike to the franchise tag for his position.
  14. So I see that Josh Norman will be cut if he hasn't already. We should consider him if he's cheap and I'm only writing this because I feel that it's a moral obligation to at least say we should be interested in every free agent even if said position isn't a need.
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  15. he's basically a zone corner and not a fit in our scheme. Would absolutely be a fit in Buffalo though.
    Mason Rudolph called Myles Garrett's assertion that he used a racial slur during an altercation last season a "bold-faced lie" and "1000% false."
    "I did not, have not, and would not utter a racial slur," tweeted Rudolph. "This is a disgusting and reckless attempt to assassinate my character." Garrett was suspended for the final six games of 2019 after bashing Rudolph over the head with his own helmet, a response he said was triggered by Rudolph's use of a racial epithet. Despite there being no audio to back up his claim, Garrett repeated his assertion in a recent interview with ESPN's Mina Kimes. Not only has Rudolph denied the accusation, but it appears the Steelers backup is prepared to pursue legal action against Garrett. "Mr. Garrett maliciously uses this false allegation to coax sympathy, hoping to be excused for what is clearly inexcusable behavior," Rudolph's lawyer, Timothy Younger, shared in a statement Saturday. "He is now exposed to legal liability." Despite Garrett's reinstatement, this incident is a long way from being resolved.
  17. what's stupid about this is the NFL claiming that there was no audio recorded the entire game despite the fact it was TNF and the fact that every QB has a mic (albeit they normally turn it off while qbs are in the huddle but then turn it back on when they get to the line) - not only that but there's also other players also mic'd up

    it's very easy to prove this one way or another
  18. The Arizona Cardinals are keeping their blind side protector for Kyler Murray ahead of Free Agency.

  19. Speaking of blind, I'm blinded by the fact that the Lions continue to show their ineptitude by saying that they plan on trading CB stud Darius Slay. *Could you imagine how even stronger our secondary by acquiring him?*

    * = obligatory post

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