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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. and have ended up looking like the chargers
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  2. :puke:
  3. Dolphins doing more for people than Trump
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  4. At 7pm tonight the NFL network is showing a replay of Super Bowl XXXV, Ravens vs. Giants.
  5. Big loss for the Cowboys....

  6. Yeah, that's a terrible logo. Luckily I'm not a Rams fan.
  7. Prediction is he lands in DC with Rivera.

    Panthers released QB Cam Newton.

    The No. 1 overall pick of the 2011 draft departs Carolina as one of the best players in franchise history. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Newton took and passed a physical on Monday. Newton's past two seasons have been wrecked by foot and shoulder issues. Formerly an iron man, Newton's aggressive style of play has partly caught up with him, though he is only 30 years old. Growing more efficient as a passer in recent years, Newton still provides sky-high upside as a dual-threat. The teams with the biggest need at quarterback are the Chargers and Patriots. The Athletic's Jeff Howe reports the Patriots do not have "any immediate interest."
  8. And that's why I don't mind players getting as much as they think they can get (even if I disagree).
  9. exactly! i literally have no time for any fan who criticises a player for getting paid as much as they can - you cant denigrate a player for not showing loyalty if the teams and front offices are going to be praised for wheeling and dealing and cutting players all day and every day just for cap savings...
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  10. Goodell just sent out this memo to teams........

  11. Here's another interesting note.... the General Managers were trying to get the NFL to push the NFL Draft back a bit but league says it will still happen April 23rd. Damn you Goodell, Eric needs more time to gather up every 5th round pick for the next 100 years of NFL.

  12. I was just gonna say. EDC is trying to gather more 5th rounders as we speak. I bet you he led the charge to delay the draft. You devious bandit, you.
  13. i wonder if this means we see more GMs trade 2020 picks pre-draft for vets just because of the extra gamble on draft prospects

    i definitely heard some scouts when all the testing and pro-days got shut down say this might actually be a good thing because teams will actually draft purely on the film - but that seems to ignore the medical checks and interviews part of the process which is way more important than the athletic testing by all accounts

    it does mean that media mocks shouldnt be too ridiculous pre-draft though - at least i hope
  14. Bengals steady signing guys.. its def gonna be a fight this season in the division
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  15. let them sign away
  16. I don't know how he didn't get more interest and more money but Chiefs are basically getting a steal here.

  17. I'm convinced the Redskins are staying put at number 2, now that this tweet came out


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