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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. #ComeHome
  2. Amazon Prime's TNF Exclusivity will start in 2022 opposed to 2023. I like how cord cutting turned into paying more than what you what pay for TV with 50 different apps lol.

  3. Interesting tweet..... it seems something is about to go down in Green Bay. Way too much smoke for it not to be a fire.

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  4. Two years in a row the Titans have had one of their draft picks act up.

  5. Our first injury of the 2021 Offseason... Broncos lose RT Juwan James who tore his Achilles working out away from the team and was coming back this season after opting out in 2020. The players union telling players to stay away from offseason training may have just backfired. James just lost money since he wasn't with the team when the injury occurred.

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  6. Fam....you wrote that he tore his ACL even when the tweet says that he tore his Achilles. Fam.................
  7. I'm so used to everything being a ACL injury lol. Just sucks for him that the Players Union gave him and other players bad advice about not going to workouts and basically just cost him money. Wonder if this is what it takes for the players to look for better representation within the Union.
  8. might make some players re-assess if they wanna train away from facilities because of the opting out from voluntary work - working onsite at least let’s you keep the injury guarantees

  9. Bring him home
  10. To do what?
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  11. I like him here with Andrews as receiving threats
  12. In a 3 TE set with like the four WRs we've added in the last few years? I just don't see what he does other than being a backup for Andrews. He would see limited to no targets in this offense.
  13. Here's on that's likely to stir up the NFL vs NFLPA relations...


    Basically, when the NFLPA went on its little tirade about trying to get all their players to stay home and not doing voluntary OTAs this Spring, they either missed the mark, didn't understand, or didn't care about the fact that most injuries suffered by players outside team facilities can largely void a player's contract.

    JuWuan James decision to workout away from team facilities may have easily just cost us a cool $10M this season. It'll be entirely up to the discretion, and in some ways, generosity, of the Broncos whether they agree to pay him for it or not.
  14. Adam Schefter explains the Aaron Rodgers situation and that the news he dropped last week was based off an "accumulation of information", nothing really came out that said he wanted out. Basically Schefter just wanted to click bait everyone, and everything you hear about how Rodgers wants the GM fired, and everything else is fake news.

  15. Colts finally get their left tackle.

  16. Also expected to miss at least the first 3-4 weeks of the season as he returns from a January achilles tear.
  17. It's Tebow Time in Jacksonville. The former QB is converting to Tight End.


  18. deshon's right - what has tebow shown that he deserves anything like a chance - he's not a good athlete, has no experience at the position and failed out of the league at another position...

    dude's failing upwards
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