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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. TJ Watt now being paid more than the 12th highest paid QB in the league per year
  2. Jeez.... I know he's a good pass rusher but this just blew up the pass rush market.
  3. apparently did this too to get it done...
  4. you got what you wanted .... @JoeyFlex5
  5. he earned it today - was completely lockdown

    love the pettiness to sign a deal worth 100k more than Marlon's deal lol

  6. completely separate to whatever happens tomorrow - this is awful...
  7. I don't fucking believe a word of this story! Yeah, once anybody becomes the highest paid defensive player, you don't rock the boat for more money! It isn't like a fucking sacrifice! The way the tweet is spun is like TJ Watt did an incredible favor to the Steelers and was such a focused football player that he had to go fucking work out! STFU Shefty!
  8. not a surprise here, Mayock already said if they don't win games, he may be sitting with Eisen soon. As much as I like DJ, I certainly wouldn't mind Mayock back on NFL Network on draft weekend.
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  9. Exactly. Can't wait for him to see that this guy is explosive....or......I like this pick for them.
  10. Already the rumors are swirling, and it's only been one Jaguars loss. Urban Meyer is now being connected to the open USC Head Coaching Job.

  11. Raiders lose starting Guard to torn ACL.

  12. I don't give AF about the Met Gala, but Ciara got the dub with this. Creative for sure.

  13. Im stealing this from a comment section but as I do live in Seattle, I've seen 6 girls today dressed just the same as her. Except they are 3 times her size and missing teeth.

    That's ridiculously hot and a W for Russ for her to do that though.
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