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MLB Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by RavensMania, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Both the Astros and the Red Sox should have their titles stripped. What a terrible message to send. Do whatever it takes to win at all costs.

    In my opinion, MLB can go %#@* %#.
  2. He didn't cheat. He gambled which is against the rules but he only bet on his team to win. No influence on the game whatsoever.
  3. Yeah considering it happened under his watch, he should take a lot of the criticism for allowing it to happen in the first place. He's just not going to do anything really.... he's starting to turn into the Goodell of Baseball.
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  4. Much like the NBA is considering changes to their playoff format. The MLB is considering expanding the playoffs to 14 teams and giving teams first round byes. If this goes through, this new format would start in the 2022 MLB Season.

    #44 JO_75, Feb 12, 2020 at 3:30 PM
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  5. Sure!!!!! Then shorten the season to 145 games lmao. We playing these games until the end of November?
  6. 1st Goodell, then Silver and now Manfred. I hate these guys.
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  7. Silver is probably the worst. The NBA is damn near unwatchable at this juncture.
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  8. You don't know how it influenced the game any more than I do. Pete Rose said he didn't bet against his team. You are taking his word for it. This is a guy who cheated on his taxes, went to jail for it, financed drug deals and LIED about not betting on baseball for years and years. And you are going to believe him? No way should he ever be in the Hall of Fame.
  9. I always thought you was the sweet forgiving type. :whistle:
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  10. Depends on the offense. :p
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  11. Some new rules for baseball.


    1- 3 batter minimum for pitchers unless the inning ends. I know I was tired of this constant situational pitching towards the end of games.

    2- Roster size goes from 25 to 26 players with only 2 callups allowed in Sept.

    I like em.
  12. You can see the impact the cheating by the Astros had when you look at the scores of the playoff games and the difference when the game was played in Houston, and when the game was on the road. I get some teams are bad on the road and great at home but those scores definitely tell the story that something was going on behind the scenes.

    2017 ALDS: Red Sox vs Astros
    Games 1 & 2 in Houston: Astros beat the Redsox 8-2 both games.
    Game 3 in Boston: Red Sox win 10-3 over the Astros.
    Game 4 in Boston: Astros win 5-4

    2017 ALCS: Yankees vs Astros
    Games 1 & 2 in Houston: Astros beat Yankees 2-1 in both games.
    Game 3 in New York: Yankees win 8-1
    Game 4 in New York: Yankees win 6-4
    Game 5 in New York: Yankees win 5-0
    Game 6 in Houston: Astros win 7-1
    Game 7 in Houston: Astros win 4-0
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  13. I agree with Pete Rose not getting in, but Shoeless Joe Jackson should be let in.
  14. Funny you should bring him up. Rob Manfred is the one keeping Joe Jackson from getting in. Yes, the same Rob Manfred who ignored multiple teams who told him that the Astros were cheating. The same Rob Manfred who conducted an "investigation" of the Astros and found no guilt on their part.

    The more I learn about this whole Astros thing the more disgusted I become, especially with MLB and its leadership.
  15. Yeah, I'm aware he is the one keeping him out and I'm not sure how you find the Astros as having no guilt. It's unthinkable how disgraceful it is that they can keep their title.
  16. If this was the Yankees that did this, shhhiittt, it'd be front page everywhere and I bet Manfred would strip the titles then (as he should but still).
  17. Manfred doesn't even have respect for the World Series, the World Series Championship and the accomplishment of winning it. No wonder he is trying to destroy the postseason with stupid gimmicks, he doesn't even respect the postseason! By saying that he would be taking a "piece of metal" back... my goodness he managed to surpass Goodell by leaps and bounds as the worst sports commissioner in all major sports.

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