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Week 15 New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Defense... please step up.
  3. That jets guy got rolled by his own player haha
  4. Now a delay of game and false start on the punt. ST coach needs to rocketed to the sun.
  5. Can the STs fuck up any more?
  6. Special teams is so rusty from never getting live reps
  7. at one point he was 4.4, but he's definitely slowed down. It is 7 years since he was drafted.
  8. I think we are pulling a Belichick on them lol. Yes, we just exactly what the Pats did to the Jets earlier in the season lol. Delay of game on purpose and then a false start to run off more clock.
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  9. Aw jeez
  10. Fucking shoot our special teams
  11. ST has been straight up TRASH tonight! Pure TRASH!!!
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  12. Fire the ST coach. This is pathetic.
  13. My bet is about to die isn't it...
  14. we just had 3 penalties all accepted on the same special teams play - what is going on?
  15. Anyone have any idea what is going on with our kick coverage?
  16. Once this got in hand we got pretty sloppy overall.
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  17. Pick 6 plz
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  18. You know what? Let's be glad that the defense and the ST played like TRASH tonight so they can get that out of their system BEFORE the playoffs begin!!!
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  19. Wow this could be the worst special teams performance I’ve seen ever by a Ravens team .
  20. Is Board really that crucial to special teams?

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