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2020 Edge Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by RavensMania, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I'm hoping Chase Young enters the draft as more talent that enters this draft pushes more talented players down to us at hopefully the last pick in the first round. That being said, Chase Young is one of the better edge rushers I've seen in recent history and yes, he's better than the Bosa brothers. He also developed some new moves this season.

  2. More info on Chase Young, from PFF

  3. Yetur Gross-Matos is a name that keeps getting mocked to us. Him or Curtis Weaver would be awesome
  4. I really like the tape on both of them but wtf man I just don’t feel like I’m all in on them lol. It’s weird.

    i feel really iffy on a lot of edge rushers in this class. I feel better about a lot of day 2 guys. Willekes, anae, Darrell Taylor, Terrell Lewis, and uche are all guys I really like and they can all be had at the end of round 2 and quite possibly round 3/4 for some of them, and they all feel like better values than gross matos or okwara or weaver from 28-32
  5. Young is one of the few guys that I would have no issue with trading the farm to the Redskins or Lions to go up and get. Having a guy that's potentially on the level (if not better) than Bosa and Mack on rookie money, while also having Lamar on rookie money makes building the rest of the team so much easier with later round picks and free agents.

    Otherwise, Weaver or Gross-Matos would be great edge guys to look at on the back end of round 1.
  6. I think that really depends on what the "farm is" equal to.
  7. Probably three first round picks to move that high. Maybe two firsts and two or three 2nd round picks.
  8. and one of those firsts being the swap, so essentially we wouldn't have a first round pick in '21. I'd rather not give up that much. Now if it was like the Falcons trade up to number five to take Julio Jones, back in 2011, then I'd be down with that.
  9. to move up from where we're likely drafting it would be easily 3 firsts maybe 3 firsts + extra picks - in this scenario we likely wouldnt have a first round pick until 2023

    even the falcons pick wasnt really comparable because those extra 3 spots (surely you'd have to trade up to pick number 2) are exponentially more expensive
  10. the Falcons trade, even if Julio wasn't as good, was decent value. I agree the trade would be way too costly. Remember what the skins gave up to move up from 6 to 2 to take RG3. They gave up 2 first round picks and swapped another from 6 to 2. They also gave up a 2nd round pick in 2012. Now I do think the trade value chart needs to be redone, but we would be giving up way way too much to trade to number 2.
  11. by all metrics the falcons trade for julio was close enough to chart value - but if you take just the pure chart value then the difference of those extra 3 picks is astronomical and let's be real there's an extra premium when you talk about those top 5 picks in general anyway

    but either way its a moot point because its not happening lol
  12. totally agree on both points
  13. That's crazy to be OK with it.
    Besides, he couldn't even dominate a college game when it mattered.
  14. no way I'm giving up that much for one player, even if it is Chase Young.
  15. We are definitely not trading up. If anything we should trade down and acquire more picks. We're pretty thin at interior d line, OT, WR, ILB, edge (if judon walks), SS (if we cut TJ). We filled those holes with NFL vets waaaaay better than should be expected in the future. I'd trade up in the second or third to get a few B/B- prospects though
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  16. Did anybody catch that Texas/Utah game last night? Talk about too early too early but Joseph Ossai………..DAMN!!!!! I was really keeping an eye on Brad Anae who I thought was impressive even in a losing effort. Constant push. Real good hand technique. Great off the snap. Great against the run. Really reminds me of Suggs. Didn't notice any spin moves and seems to play a little high. Would make a good day 2 pick imo.

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in the edge thread or the LB @JoeyFlex5 . Lmao.
  17. I’ve been big on anae for a while. He’s just a really good 3 down edge defender with real quality handsy and physical type of play, and respectable bend and burst.

    I kinda had the same thought about Suggs when watching him lok
  18. you've been doing so much research, I can't see how you wouldn't be ready for the Forum Mock. lol
  19. I just don’t commit to these long term games lol
  20. im just starting my 2020 draft stuff - started with some edge guys...

    questions for y'all:
    is AJ Epenesa a tweener? is he an interior rusher or do you guys view him as an EDGE?

    at the moment i like him rushing from the inside vs a guard

    is he a 5 tech in the pros? or just someone who moves inside to rush the passer? or does he remain at edge?

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