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2020 OL Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Cesar Ruiz, Center from our own @Edgar

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  2. well ive found my draft crush at IOL - he's such a high floor, high ceiling type player - really great with his hands, good with his pad level, fairly good in space, has a good anchor (especially important here with the amount we pull guards)
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  3. There are so many tackles with so many different skillsets and i doubt there'll be an obvious consensus around who's the best among the different teams - we could really see a run on tackles i think in this draft

    and there are some that i think will get drafted as tackles who might end up at guard but will get over-drafted because of the potential to play tackle which might screw up our opportunity to get a high quality interior OL unless that is only what they did in college or maybe not
  4. really really like him. He's athletic in space. think he pulls right five times alone. against Mich state.
  5. will have to get into that tape at some point in the future - just trying to get a feel for as many prospects as i can as early in the process as i can and refine as time goes on

    i really love Ruiz so far though - i think it's between him and Cushenberry for the top center prospect for me at the moment but I think Ruiz probably has a higher ceiling
  6. I feel like Biadasz might fall right into our lap at 28. Would fit BPA and a need.
  7. i havent got into biadasz study yet but from everything ive read so far that is likely going to be a reach
  8. I remember last year this board was all over him. We all wanted him after Skura got bullied by the chargers
  9. Also. You'd have to think our board considering offensive players might look totally different compared to the rest of the league considering our scheme and who we have playing QB
  10. he didnt have a great 2019 season tbh - that's probably a large part of why
  11. im not sure it fundamentally changes beyond maybe an emphasis on adding speed in general at the skill positions

    that being said i dont really know what we're looking for at IOL or whether that's changed because we havent drafted one in the first 2 days of a draft since... does Kelechi Osemele count (given that we drafted him as a tackle then moved him inside) - before that you have to go back to 2008 where we drafted Oniel Cousins with the 99th pick... i imagine that a lot of that is because in 2007 we got 2 incredibly high quality interior OL one of whom still plays for us 12 seasons later in yanda and grubbs - but it means that there's not a lot to be gleaned from what we look for in top-rated IOL because it's not that obvious

    not sure we really have a type on the interior - we just kind of work with different skillsets - the only clear thing within this scheme is that while we have Yanda (and who knows if he'll still be here next year) we are going to need movement skills out of our LG hopefuls because of how much we use pulls and spring the guard into L2
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  12. agree, no way he is going to be picked in the 1st round. That being said it only takes one...
  13. People were shocked when DAL took Frederick in the late first when everyone had him as a 3rd round prospect. Biadasz should be taken later but he’s still a quality prospect. As you said, it only takes one.
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  14. i honestly just think there are at least 2 better centers in this class from what ive watched so far
  15. Biadasz is the top center but Im not convinced hes a stud or great value at 28, his balance just doesnt look good to me. I think the talent difference between Tyler and our current options at center is a lot closer than the difference between Tyler and the best guard and tackle to guard prospects.
  16. Yeah he showed a pretty big regression this year though. Began showing stiffness and leverage problems that he wasn’t showing before, honestly no idea what happened there but yeah.

    he should’ve come out last year because he probably was a sure first rounder
  17. Nick Harris is so annoying to watch as a ravens fan - he's got really good tape but is not a fit at all - like is basically undraftable for the ravens but could be incredibly valuable to a team that runs primarily a zone or stretch-zone and uses lots of screens etc. - he's so good in space and getting to level 2 but he's under 300 lbs and doesnt have a great anchor or power - got absolutely overpowered consistently at the senior bowl in 1v1s but he's really good in space - it's a shame lol

    EDIT: i went a bit overboard on saying he's undraftable by the ravens - but he is susceptible to bigger interior DL which is always a problem historically in the AFC North but more importantly he's still not a great fit in a power scheme which is what our running game is based on but we do run other stuff too
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  18. done some more biadasz tape and he ends up on the ground way too much - his general movement skills are somehow way worse than 2018 - like it almost looks like a different player the way he moves - that's a real worry - it could absolutely be down to the hip surgery he had in the offseason and i think you have to hope that's the case and that he can regain that functional mobility - if he can then a team's going to feel very good about themselves (especially if he falls)
  19. Ruiz should absolutely be in the mention for our first round pick. He's the best center Ive seen since I don't remember when.
  20. you know someone's an exciting prospect generally at any position when they move so well you forget how big they are - he does not move like he's 320 lbs

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