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2020 OL Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I hope other teams see Ruiz behind those guys but I find it hard to believe they will. I dont see those two as even close. I think Ruiz is my favorite player in the draft.
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  2. im with you - just seeing lots of disparity everywhere about who is the top guy
  3. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t consensus Center 1. He’s head and shoulders above cushenberry and biadasz. Those 2 have question marks, Ruiz has none, after watching your breakdown and one game of my own I’m already convinced he’s the best and most complete C prospect I’ve ever watched.

    honestly the only thing keeping him from being my #1 prospect for us at 28 is that idk if OL in round 1 is the right way to go. I just can’t help but feel like we need a sexier pick there, another WR who can separate and take it to the house, an edge guy, an ILB, a DT, all feel like real possibilities to find a solid player, but I’d say as far as safe picks go, at 28 Ruiz and I think Raegor are the only sure things
  4. i wouldnt feel good about calling reagor a sure thing given his drops but he's definitely someone who could be in play there - would take ruiz over reagor i think at 28
  5. @rossihunter2 @JoeyFlex5

    Im pretty all in on us taking Ruiz at 28 but I'm hesitant to even do a mock with him as our #1. It would shock me if we took a center. That would be a throw back Ozzie BPA selection and I'm not sure we operate that way anymore.
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  6. i think we still operate at BPA (obviously need comes into that) but what we're seeing the last 2 years since EDC took over is that he's manoeuvring us around the draft so that a position of need player is likely to be BPA where we pick and then lets the draft come to us on day 3 with those extra picks

    still not sure how my board will fall because i still havent done all the DBs and the corner group especially looks like a jumble of players on day 1 and 2 which is delaying the process a little - once i get through those and a few more linebackers ill be able to stack the board which will give me a better idea of whether its realistic for me to see the ravens take ruiz at 28

    the thing about ruiz though is when ive heard him discussed by guys like brugler they've talked about him having positional flexibility and the ability to play guard which alleviates concerns with regards to picking him - add to that the fact that Skura might not be able to play again as a raven before he hits free agency and yanda's impending retirement (be it this offseason or the one after) id say Ruiz would definitely be a need pick

    but my guess is its unlikely we even pick at 28
  7. Interesting, I just got done reading PFF’s iOL ranking and they have Ruiz at 9th. Maybe he’s a trade back candidate or we move up in the 2nd if he falls. I do think we need to grab a iOL early and get ready for yanda’s retirement.

    Side note: it’s crazy, he’s only 20 years old.

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  8. the way they've separated the different players seems fairly arbitrary based on taste but being in the top 10 of PFF is a good indicator that you consistently grade well by their metrics

    with ruiz his profile is pretty crazy - as you say he's 20 years old, 6'3" and 320lbs but moves so well and smoothly that you hardly notice how big and powerful he is and he does it all while having his head on a swivel
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  9. Pff is well known for having a really flawed grading system for OL and in coverage.
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  10. Anybody watched Oregon OL tape(s)? I caught couple of their games past season, they were absolutely dominant. I remember being impressed by Lemieux.
  11. lemieux and hanson are the ones to look for from oregon this year - i think lemieux is a day 2 pick and hanson could be for another team (he's not a great scheme fit here)
  12. Lemieux lacks awareness at times but he pulls pretty well and has decent strength. I'd be happy with him as one of our 4ths
  13. As fun as Muti is to watch what he can do against lower competition wouldnt carry over to the pros, he also has the worst medicals in the class. Maybe he is the best IOL but he can only prove that if he makes the field.

    Im still hopeful we can get Willis or Wirfs, its unlikely but theyre my two favorites for our interior.
  14. of those 2 wirfs has a much higher chance to drop - seems like wills is clearly going in the top 15 and possibly top 5 - it definitely helps that josh jones and mekhi becton are prototypical tackle prospects and as such are seemingly higher on boards than wirfs who projects better inside (according to many)

    that being said id be surprised if any of those guys make it to our pick
  15. This is incredible, can be our new lead blocker.

  16. no way is he a 1st round pick - cool clip lol

    ive got this guy as a late 2/3 - he's got quite ploddy feet and and not great flexibility which means he gets beat by quick edge guys especially if they're lined up in a wide 9 type spot - great developmental prospect at RT but not someone who id touch anywhere near the 1st round
  17. just watched a snap where kevin dotson threw a LB 2 from his RG spot all the way to the LT - literally redefining the phrase 2-gapping lol
  18. I really want Damien Lewis. He’s a seriously powerful man. He leans at times and he can be a little goofy in space but holy shit that dude is like marshawn lynch as a blocker, block through a mf’s face. I imagine he’s probably a third rounder, and I’d like for him to be ours there
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  19. actually I've never been a fan of how they rate players in college altogether, for the most part.
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  20. ill put Voch's South practice OL vs DL video here because Cushenberry III, Damien Lewis, Logan Stenberg, Ben Bartch, John Simpson, Keith Ismael all feature prominently:


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