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2020 OL Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. watching trystan colon-castillo tape and trying to evaluate him against south carolina but this poor dude is being left alone to deal with javon kinlaw and his lack of anchor and power are showing up on every single snap
  2. If Netane Muti didnt have his injury history he'd be the first interior OL taken in this draft - he might be anyway and he projects best inside too (despite playing tackle in 2018) i think especially here - he moves really fluidly in space and he's adept at pulling the whole way across the line (albeit can get caught if the center gets pushed back like anyone) - needs some work identifying the block he needs to make on those long pulls if it gets murky but otherwise looks good as a puller and he's absolutely rock solid against the pass - his snap count has been limited by injuries but i think PFF has scored him for only 3 pressures the last 2 years - if anything he's too aggressive and can get caught out by not being a little more patient and ends up getting countered in the open field but that's very coachable - first round talent who might be available in the 2nd round because of the medicals
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  3. hahaha Muti has made finishing his blocks an actual art form - medical checks at the combine are going to be huge for him - on his lisfranc from this year but also on the other injuries he's picked up in prior seasons - might not be on some teams's boards but his tape is the best of all the projected interior OL ive watched so far
  4. Damien Lewis is the kind of guard prospect you can anchor a running game around

    tbf this guard class in general seems to be full of absolute maulers who love to finish and bully defenders across from them:

    Muti, Lewis, Hunt all seem to relish finishing guys all the way to the echo of the whistle and to the ground - and Jonah Jackson's there on film looking like a bouncer about to sucker punch someone - he is absolutely a guard who goes looking for work

    ive got through 5 of the projected guards so far and id say 4 of them are absolute bullies - it's like having a class full of Will Hernandezs

    ive not had this much fun with a draft class of guards maybe since i started with drafts in general
  5. likewise Logan Stenberg - dont like him as much as the above guys but he's another people-mover and pancake artist - seemingly always the most aggressive person on every single snap
  6. still doing IOL film and came across one of the snaps that you pointed out @Edgar because of #50 at RG next to Ruiz and I've only just realised that all 3 of the Michigan interior players are in this draft class

    there's Ruiz obviously and Onwenu who you pointed out but also the LG Ben Bredeson is comparatively highly rated it seems also - lots of Big Boards with him as a top 5-10 interior OL

    could have saved myself a lot of time watching the film if I'd realised they were all worth watching and made sure to do all 3 guys back-to-back-to-back lol - im going to have watched the same plays over and over and over again
  7. Big fan of muti, he should be considered a big dark horse for us
  8. i mean honestly if the medicals checked out and we're confident he's going to be healthy and remain healthy then id be fine pulling the trigger at 28 his tape is that good imo

    obviously it would be rough having 2 first round picks in a row coming off lisfranc surgery but it is what it is lol
  9. Ha! I'm anxious to get back and watch Onwenu. He pops a little bit for sure watching Ruiz. Perhaps not a bad idea to grab both.
  10. its always gonna be interesting when a guy is 360+ lbs and moves like he does
  11. If y’all want some fun OL tape, mekhi becton is your guy. He’s 6’7” and 370 and he plows over everyone he comes into contact with so easy it’s laughable. He looks like he’s not even trying, like he just runs in front and people bounce off of him and hit the floor.
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  12. Muti is such a monster, would be a huge get in the second round assuming medical checks out. Especially with the type of offense we want to run, he slides right in. Would we get stuffed on 4th and 1 in playoff games with this dude? I think not!

    For me, the right answer in this draft is to Chiefs it. Surround the MVP with weapons, and fix EDGE in free agency with Chris Jones or Jadeveon Clowney. Trade down to the top of the second, take best WR available (ideally speed killer like Hamler), potentially trade up for Muti, then potentially trade up for another wide receiver like Mims. This squad doesn't need late-round depth. We got to maximize opportunity before Lamar Jackson becomes the highest paid player in football, and that means taking as many shots as possible at finding that extra piece.
  13. Chiefs fell behind big in Texans game and in Titans game, but Mahomes had weapons galore to come roaring back. Poor LJ had to try and come back with Hollywood Brown, the injured shell of Mark Andrews, and... Seth Roberts? Cmon man.
  14. Damien Lewis RG from LSU is certainly worth a look
  15. and he had a ridiculously good senior bowl - i really like him in a pretty bad class overall - there's probably not going to be a consensus on the top IOL in this class because of the lack of clear top-end talent
  16. I haven’t felt up to watching OL this year, not nearly as much as I usually do, but what I’ve seen so far I’ve really liked. Muti, Lewis, cushenberry, becton, I saw biadasz last year and I basically bank on him getting better with over a full year removed from the hip, and I know I’ve watched a couple more I just can’t remember names lol, but I don’t think I’ve watched an OL yet that I don’t like
  17. I just watched a PFF video talking about Netane Muti. He’s a dawg. Would probably be the #1 guard in this year’s draft if it wasn’t for his injury history. Every mock draft I do, he’s there for us to take in the 2nd round. But maaaan he got the injury baggage for sure.
    2 Achilles injury followed by a Lisfranc. As much as I would love him, he just might not hold up..
  18. those are all pretty nice ones - there's some awful prospects in this IOL class particularly but some fun ones with lots of physicality that arent on your list would be Jonah Jackson, Logan Stenberg, Michael Onwenu, Robert Hunt (plays tackle but projects best inside) - some maulers in that group

    the best center you havent listed is definitely cesar ruiz (and if you cant stomach doing your own study on him edgar did a good video on his channel)

    its a shame we dont need a tackle because this is a nice class of tackles - i think there's 5 guys who i might end up with 1st round grades on and then a load of other impressive guys all the way through to the end of day 2 - there's 13 tackles on my board right now and i reckon 11 of them are going on day 2 or earlier
  19. cesar Ruiz is a fucking animal. That dude is a game changer in this offense, he’d not only come in and start, he would be an upgrade over not just mekari, but skura, and a clear one. He would ease the transition away from yanda when he hangs it up. He would allow for better pull blocks with his anchor, better inside runs obviously, but his ability to just move grown ass men with ease could open up a whole section of the playbook, one where Lamar is darting up the middle untouched on designed play action keepers.

    I really wish we had more currency man, I’d love to be able to get Ruiz and one of the front seven defenders we should be able to get end of round 1.
  20. if we trade quite a way down from 28 there's a decent chance ruiz could still be there and we also might be able to get one of those 2nd round edge rushers too as well as picking up an extra day 2 pick

    if there's a way we could somehow end up with 3 2nd round picks or 2 2nd rounders and a high 3 (as well as our original 3) then EDC has done great

    I think Ruiz is still there after we trade back - depending on how far we trade back - some teams will have cushenberry as C1, some teams will have biadasz as C1 and obviously some teams will have ruiz at C1 - i think he's potentially going to be in my top 28 players (not sure yet) but id be fine with him at 28 given his positional value but i do think its realistic to trade down and still get him

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