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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. he has filled in admirably for bell over the years and at 34 he would be cheap even as a fill in until dixon comes back from his suspension. i do not trust taliafero plus he is switching to fb. what do you guys think?
  2. I have a feeling we might be one of the 4 teams he'd refuse to play for... along with the patriots, panthers and bengals maybe

    also while he has a different role to play than a woodhead, i dont think ozzie will look at him just because of the age and the fact that one of those roster spots at rb is already going to be for woodhead - to me it just doesnt feel like the right type of move or likely but heyho ive been wrong many times before
  3. The Ravens already have a veteran running back on their roster with Danny Woodhead. I doubt they sign another veteran running back like DeAngelo Williams . I get the concern Raven fans have at running back, Inside linebacker, Tight end, center, and right tackle but it comes times when coaching staff just have to allow these young guys to play and prove themselves.
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  4. We have too many threads that aren't discussing the original intention of the thread. Please if you have anything random, that shouldn't have its own thread, but you want to bring it up on the boards, then please put it in this thread
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  5. Isn't that what the dump thread is for? Or is this random ravens stuff?
  6. Random Ravens stuff, but I had forgotten that even existed
  7. They should bring back Edgar and Allen.
  8. Are you talking about the living Ravens?
  9. The Ravens led the league in passes over the middle, a full 12% ahead of the NFL average.

    Joe doing his best to dump passes off to Dennis Pitta on nearly every single play.
  10. Our biggest problem right now is running backs imo. Is cj2k still free

  11. You must be a new fan.

    When the Ravens first became a team in Baltimore they had three mascots. Edgar, Allen and Poe. All three were distinct and had unique personalities. ( to that you should already know that the RAVENS are not technically named after the bird, but after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe.

    We had the three mascots for a few years, but somehow one off season Edgar and Allen mysteriously disappeared. With no details. It was quite suspect really....
    Either way, it was cool having all three of them. I wish we still did.
  12. Yes, I meant are you talking about the three live Ravens that were at games..?
  13. People in costumes. Not actual live birds.
  14. Wasn't it Edgar Allan Poe?
  15. My bad.
  16. It's cool, just to make sure since I wasn't a Ravens fan at the time lol.
  17. I usually say you are honest and spot on about a lot. But I really like Ken Dixon!! He is one of my favorite running backs ever coming out of college. He could be the new Priest Holmes we never shoulda let go. I think he is better than Ray Rice. If he can actually play the games lol. His shiftiness and explosion was no surprise. But he breaks a lot of tackles for a 5'11 217 lb Runner.
  18. Actually his yards after contact were tops in the league for any height and weight
  19. We should have a throwback jersey with the old logo on the helmet.
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  20. I actually find the older uniforms better than the current ones. I do love the all black though. I do think the Ravens have a very boring jersey. I really hope it gets revamped shortly. I definitely see their jersey as a bottom half of of the league if not lower jersey.

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