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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. there's part of me that wants to put Henderson ahead of okudah - but okudah is also great at the stuff that henderson is insanely good at and better at some of the physical stuff like tackling and run support etc. that puts him over the top

    they are both among the top 3 CBs ive graded since i started doing this - the other guy is marshon lattimore

    i almost wish this year we were CB needy because there's so many good ones all the way after the top 2 from like the end of round 1 through day 2 - ive got 14 corners who i have graded between 29 and the end of the 3rd round
  2. are you trying to tell us you're using porn hub that much more these days, allblack... Please wash your hands!
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet...

    The Athletic's Jeff Zrebiec reports the Ravens have not announced Michael Brockers' contract because of the results of his physical.

    Brockers signed a three-year, $30 million contract last week, but the team hasn't put it into ink quick yet. Last year's ankle injury reportedly has Baltimore worried enough to delay the signing, although Zrebiec believes they are still expecting to agree to a deal. It's unclear if the defensive lineman will have to take less money because of the injury concern.
  4. Sorry for your loss as well.
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  5. So sorry for your loss, it's always hard to lose a loved one. Is your grandfather alive?
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  6. Dick Cass said a realistic return could be training camp. This will be terrible for both 2019 players and 2020 rookies. I believe the rookies espeically could have a very slow start. I'm not worried about LJ or Hollywood as they seem to be hard workers. Hopefully Boykin and Ferguson are doing the same.
  7. No, he passed years ago. I don't remember if I met him and if I did, it was when I was really young. The day of the funeral was BY FAR the worst. If it wasn't for my dad, I would've pulled off an all-nighter after it was over. I came close though. I actually went to sleep around 6ish in the morning and didn't wake up until like 2-3ish in the afternoon.
  8. honestly i think that might be best possible case and looking at the data and the trends in the US, i'd say this is not going to be over by the time training camp would start... even if teams are allowed back in the buildings by then, i dont think full on-field activities or large group gatherings (like in the locker room) would be ideal

    i like his positivity but i honestly think training camp might be too early - id be really surprised if the 2020 nfl season happens as originally scheduled
  9. Don’t tell me this was coronavirus...
  10. Hollywood's playing Madden if anyone's bored

  11. They didn't say yet
  12. Would it be weird to draft Chase Claypool with our second second rounder or first 3rd of he's there?
  13. I like claypool a bit, but for some reason I don’t feel safe taking him..
  14. My guess is that’s around where he gets drafted but I wouldn’t want him before the 4th - the same separation problems that made some scouts wonder if he should transition to tight end are still there on tape even though he ran like crazy at the combine he’s around WR 20 for me
  15. How would you rate him as a TE in the draft? I could definitely see us drafting him and trying to convert him to a TE since we have an open spot now that Hurst is gone.
  16. Not the biggest fan of converting guys tbh because there’s always a learning gap
  17. I'm also not the biggest fan of converting players, but we seemed to do a pretty good job with Waller when he was here (obviously we didn't get to see the benefits because of all his off-the-field issues, but he's now thriving as a TE with the Raiders). I'm just envisioning us using him as a hybrid of sorts; he would probably get most of his snaps at WR, but have him fill in as the 2nd TE whenever we're running 2 TE sets and Andrews or Boyle is out of the game.
  18. that is only 1 guy - and if im drafting a WR id rather just draft a guy to be a WR rather than someone who might be a TE - likewise if i want a TE, especially with how much blocking we ask our TEs to do (even Andrews), i'd want a guy who's actually played TE
  19. Hmmmmm


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