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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I would imagine it does. Zero playing time just like CJ mosley
  2. unfortunately she is no longer on the boards.
  3. I sent her an email and will get back to you when she answers the question.
  4. Aw man. She'll be missed.
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  5. I just saw a shot of Hollywood entering the castle, bruh he’s Steve smith sized now, like he’s looking like he might go more the route of a Steve Smith than a desean Jackson if he’s gonna play at this size. Boy was already tough too despite being way undersized. I’m more hyped for Hollywood than I am about Lamar lol
  6. yes she will and I told her that. I did email her and am waiting for her response to the question above.
  7. Could you imagine if we had Smitty in his prime with Hollywood? Good lord.....
  8. This young man was very special. When I first heard him on the FAN I had no idea of his condition and it took awhile before I learned the backstory. Just cant say enough about his brevity. Him doing our draft pick last year in braille will always be special.

    2020 has been a horrible year. :(
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  9. Or even Boldin or D Mason. The only thing about Ozzie. :brickwall:. Terrible at drafting WRs. With EDC we gonna have a new beginning. Hollywood. Duvernay is gonna be real good I believe and Boykin has got great upside. All these guys growing with Lamar. Gawd I hope there is a season.
  10. @Edgar where do you get your skycam footage from?
  11. is it not just from the coaches film part of nfl gamepass?
  12. So if you just watch the games on cable you don’t have sky cam footage? Also is it the same for college games?
  13. as in it's part of the all-22/coaches film stuff you can see as part of gamepass (not live)

    and i dont know that there's anywhere that sells college coaches film in the same way that the nfl does
  14. I can’t understand how you can view an entire game on YouTube but can’t view the sky cam views anywhere without paying lol. And by skycam I don’t mean all 22 I mean the on field camera that shows the rear and front views, the view that Edgar uses in his breakdowns
  15. those skycam views come as part of the coaches film from gamepass - they combine the all 22 and the endzone cameras and show the play twice in a row (sometimes 3 times in a row) with the all-22 and then the rear or front view afterwards
  16. Ahh, yeah I’m not paying for that lol, oh well. I wanted to watch some Patrick queen on the sky cam because it’s honestly hard to decipher exactly how well he’s playing from the sideline view, LB, edge, and DL/OL play is so much easier to evaluate with skycam
  17. yeah college stuff is impossible to find - it's never released and is hoarded by teams and only really given out to scouts/friends of the teams etc./various journalists/opposing team coaches

    means that there's almost like a black-market for college all-22

    you wont find any patrick queen all 22 or coaches film except snippets on twitter from people who have some (looks like coach evans with sip2tallyfilms has some as well which he uses on his youtube) until we get to week 1
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  18. Brandon Williams is looking in good shape
  19. Based on the problems in MLB and the fact it is a low contact sport, I don't have much hope for an NFL season.

    There will be major players out for at least 2 weeks at a time all over the place.

    I really hope I'm wrong but I don't think I will be sadly.
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  20. Same..
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