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Media Mock Central

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. I figured it was time to start this as we start to get into mock season.

    DJ's first mock had us grabbing Kenneth Murray

    and now Kiper's first mock has us somehow acquiring Patrick Queen

    LB clearly the theme for the cognoscenti early on
  2. Bucky Brooks has us taking CB Kristian Fulton from LSU. Very much doubt we take a CB in the first round.
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  3. so 2 LSU guys and an Oklahoma LB

    an odd mix lol given our history of drafting
  4. Bucky brooks once again dumb af. Never fails.

    also ThatFranchiseGuy from YouTube who was the ravens biggest YouTube hater this year, showed his incompetence by giving us Bryce hall in 1 trololol
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  5. Murray seems to be the go to, Ive seen a bit of YGM as well, a while back tee Higgins seemed to be a favorite. But right now it’s definitely looking like Murray’s the media favorite, it feels strikingly similar to when the whole media knew cj mosley would be a raven like a whole year in advance.
  6. CJ made way more sense at that point - murray also makes sense but there's just too many other factors whereas it was always likely that CJ would be at or around BPA when we picked - everyone seemed to have us taking Zach Martin or CJ through the whole process (although i do remember a few taylor lewan mocks too and some mike evans early in the process before he blew up the combine)
  7. Was also a lot of haha Clinton dix for us too.

    and I think this makes as much sense as mosley did, I think it’s a bigger need now than it was perceived as back then, with us just having drafted Arthur brown and signing Daryl Smith long term. And Ozzie had the bama thing but so far EDC is making the Ozzie-bama connection blush with his love for OK players(yes I understand 2018 was Ozzie’s, but you can’t tell me EDC didn’t have massive pull on that class). And while I’m not the biggest supporter of Murray to Baltimore, there aren’t too many I could think of that would be undoubtedly higher on Eric’s board and also a higher priority position
  8. haha i forgot about clinton-dix - so glad we didnt end up grabbing him like i hoped we would, he's been fine as a pro but in that draft it would have been insane to miss out on the talent we would have if we'd taken him instead

    i just think its a bit early with the school connections thing - we've only drafted Oklahoma offensive guys in this new era and we havent exactly stopped drafting bama guys (we drafted 2 in 2018 and werent really in range to grab one in 2019 except maybe mack wilson or deionte thompson)

    with regards to need it definitely makes sense but we draft BPA (albeit the last 2 years we've manipulated our way around the draft board to put ourselves in position to get to a spot where the BPA is a need)

    murray does make the most sense this early in the process but in 2014 around this time it seemed to feel like it was going to be zach martin although i will say this is the first draft since 2014 where i can see that there's probably going to be a clear consensus through the whole process from the media - 2015 was a mess, 2016 we got mocked basically anyone except ronnie stanley, 2017 you could take your pick of any of about 5 different bama guys and corey davis and haason reddick, 2018 likewise was all over the place and we ended up trading out of that spot anyway, 2019 it felt like we were getting mocked every different potential OL - only charles davis i think mocked us hollywood

    so you're right that this does feel a little bit like 2014 - not sure if it makes sense yet though
  9. especially since we have never taken an LSU guy
  10. exactly - albeit its very likely that one of the LSU guys will be BPA at one of our picks somewhere in the draft just because of the high volume and depth of talent entering from that program this year
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  11. I’m saying though that it appears that Murray may be seen as a BPA at 28. Me and you may not be big fans, but I struggle to go against consensus 100% sometimes and this is one of those cases, while I may not love Murray as a prospect it seems that so many are so high on him, and often where there’s smoke there’s fire.
  12. oh i do really like murray - just not sure i buy that he's the obvious selection at 28 yet but he might be

    i guess im skeptical because in no other draft since 2014 has the CJ thing really happened
  13. Lamar Jackson to Baltimore was one of the most popular predictions in 2018. Hollywood to Baltimore was rather popular last year. Maybe not on the level of consistency that was mosley/Martin to Baltimore in 2014, but it’s been a bit of a trend
  14. on matt miller's latest podcast they had us taking Kenneth Murray in the 1st round and Michael Pittman in the 2nd round
  15. there's like 3 mocks that have us getting terrell lewis
    odd that there's a couple of mocks that have us taking corners in round 1
    PFF has us taking a safety...
    but other than one guy giving us AJ Epenesa it seems like everyone else is giving us a LB and other than the 2 who have mocked up Patrick Queen, everyone else is mocking us Kenneth Murray so far
  16. The real question is, who can we pick up at around 35 after trading down a couple of times? This seems like the perfect class to do it!
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  17. my guess is that there'll be a 2 or 3 receivers available there and might be a good range for one of the EDGE guys if they're still on the board - but also might be a nice spot for Cesar Ruiz (although he might be able to be got a bit later than 35 - hard to say yet as my board isnt together properly yet) - honestly from what i can see so far that's probably a good sort of spot for a run on corners to start but obviously we're not so interested in that
  18. Pittman has great hands but I'm sure he's not going to run the 40 well and will drop into the 3rd round or lower as a result.
  19. i think in another class id be ok with it but i think there's definitely going to be better receivers available at that spot than pittman and if not then there's going to be a crazy talent available at a different position - but i agree with you i think he ends up as a 3rd rounder
  20. I personally hate Pittman as a prospect. He’s a standard college big man and really offers nothing on film that suggests he’s gonna translate to the next level. Leverage isn’t really there, routes are unimpressive, attacks the ball well but without that feel leverage and feel for positioning and maximizing separation it won’t mean anything.

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