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Media Mock Central

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. good point
  2. Ehhhh... Zach Baun is a complete tweener and an unknown. If you were never a fan of the bowser pick then how do you like a guy like Baun over a guy who has a clear position in the nfl and is damn good at it in certain aspects...
  3. to me he doesnt look like a tweener - he looks like a 4-3 OLB - i do like him as an edge rusher but i like him a lot less now that he has declared himself to be an off-ball LB - i disagree with him
  4. Todd Mcshay also giving us Kenneth Murray in his mock draft

    like ive got nothing wrong with that pick necessarily but why does everyone just assume that's the pick we make - its just boring and lazy at this point because you know its not something that's coming from inside the ravens building given the tight security run on that draft room etc. when was the last time a ravens draft interest got leaked?

    no one even knew we were interested in lamar jackson

    just getting bored of people slating kenneth murray to us at 28 automatically - like i dont mind if that's the pick on draft day but come on we're 2 and a half months out and pre-combine why arent we changing things up...

    i really hope we get a LB in free agency just to end this boring media consensus
  5. You're too smart to keep reading these mock drafts: ESPN, bleacherreport, you name it.
    The only network I take seriously is the draft network and Brugler. And I only use them to see what I haven't so far on tape.
    Mock drafts are useful for people who just want to catch up on names/players and don't have time to do their own DD.
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  6. Im going to pay attention to daniel Jeremiah’s mocks for us as well. He was the one last year who kept saying “build a track team around lamar.” He predicted Hollywood to us.
    We also ended up taking Boykin and justice who both ran 4.4
    Guess our former scout and EDC both think alike.
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  7. i use them as reference points - often mock drafts are more indicative of what the league is thinking and what specific teams like vs where players are actually being ranked - that's my main problem with the kenneth murray pick - he's being put in at 28 as a placeholder and not because there's clear interest or links between the ravens and him beyond him being at a position of need from a college we've taken 4 players from the last 2 drafts (albeit all on offence none on defence)

    i use the draft network to find names of a lot of guys and to cross-reference with when i see something supposedly outlandishly different to everyone else - they might have someone rated a lot lower than me but then reading what they write will clear up sometimes why there's a difference in my rating

    they also seem to have some of the red flags earlier than other places

    im mostly just reading all these draftniks etc. for the insider stuff rather than the big board stuff - what are they hearing from scout x from team y
  8. tbf he was one of the first ones to say build a track team - but he mostly gave us parris campbell rather than hollywood lol

    but more than that he's worth reading/talking to because he's a more modern scout than a lot of the other media scouts (worked in a draft room within the last decade) and he's still well attached and well regarded by the NFL front offices - you know that because he gets bandied about occasionally for high up exec jobs despite not working inside an nfl front office a la mayock

    albeit i will say im normally way more interested in his prospect rankings than his mock draft (at least until you get into the last month)
  9. While I’m bored of the Kenneth Murray mocks to us, I’m ANNOYED and frankly pissed off at anyone who mocks us a db in round 1, with the bullshit justification that “secondary is a SnEaKy need for Baltimore” because jimmy smith and Brandon Carr are FAs and tony Jefferson got hurt.

    bruh, Tony Jefferson was seconds away from the bench anyway, Carr was a liability, jimmy is more than likely coming back, tavon young will be a big boon to the secondary, as will deshon Elliott assuming he is healthy, and there are corners waiting in the wings as well.

    it’s just a incompetent writer trying to do something different and surprising and they end up looking like a jackass instead
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  10. I’m almost certain some of this “draft analyst” get under the table money from agents to bump their clients name into the first round hype. So they need to find spots in the 32 to put them in even if it doesn’t fit team needs.

    I literally rolled my eyes when i read Bucky brooks mock and him giving us a CB
  11. I’m a fool for listening/engaging but my god Matt miller and that podcast get worse and worse each time

    They just did a podcast where they mocked Derrick brown at 23 (despite being 7th on millers board) and kinlaw at 27

    And then I literally laughed when they got to the ravens because Matt miller started by saying “I could see them go running back or corner...”

    I had to stop and tell you guys

    Eventually they gave us aj epenesa
  12. If AJ is there at pick 28... freaking sprint up (or I guess swim) to the podium and announce that shit.

    Side note: I saw mark ingram and mark Andrews bashed him on Twitter recently lol.
    Apparently Matt Miller knocked Andrews ranking down cause of his diabetes

  13. What do you love about epenesa as a prospect?

  14. can anybody tell me what the picks they made were - baltimore sun still inaccessible in europe due to data protection laws

    im assuming the first 3 picks from what he's insinuating are Patrick Queen, Justin Madubuike and Van Jefferson... but have no idea if that's actually correct lol
  15. Your guess was good :)
    Queen, Madubuike, Van Jefferson, Willekes, Amik Robertson, strowbridge, Throckmorton, Trevon Hill and Antoine Brooks
  16. Thor Nystrom of Rotoworld mocked us Reagor at 28 :cool:

    Edit: Malik Harrison at 60, Darrell Taylor at 92, Calvin Throckmorton at 99, Essang Bassey at 127 (was hoping for Lamar Jackson instead. He went at 129), Larrell Murchison at 132, and Ke'Shawn Vaughn at 145.
  17. i really like the first 3 picks - really not a fan of willikes though, strowbridge is someone who you kind of have to toss out all the film because he was just used wrong in college - looks like he's going to be someone who's moved all over the defensive front and not as a nose or DT like on his college tape - senior bowl was good for him

    in complete contrast the senior bowl was am absolute shitshow for throckmorton albeit he was put out at tackle and he's definitely a guard in the NFL

    Van Jefferson i have graded as a 3rd rounder but id honestly be a little disappointed with him there because i feel like there'll be guys available who i like more but its not a bad pick

    Justin Madubuike is one of my favourite guys in the whole class though - absolutely love him as a prospect - may have him in the top 40 or even top 30 when it's all said and done - that would be a classic case in the 2nd round of just taking the guy who clearly shouldnt still be on the board

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