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Preseason 2 Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. i wish we didnt have these dolphins guys - they literally suck so much
  2. Have you ever been to the apple scrapple festival in bridgeville Delaware?
  3. I think Woodrum is.
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  4. I hope they give Woodrum the start against Buffalo next week.
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  5. lol they spotlight jay ajayi and then show off the big run that was called back for holding
  6. He's thrown for more yards than him this preseason.
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  7. Ohhhhh. Could've had a pick 6 at the end
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  9. i wont lie guys, i know we won and a lot of good things happened but that felt really underwhelming performance wise - the dolphins just sucked
    am i missing something or was it just an awful game of football?
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  10. Tell me about it. Glad the game's over.

    Nah lol. I'm not from the area.
  11. It was, I didn't feel like we dominated on defense or like we really had anything on offense in the first half.
  12. The offense struggled in the first half with fumbles, penalties and Mallett. I thought the defense was solid.
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  13. I'm telling you, it's a pattern. The 2nd preseason game tends to be an underwhelming one for us. It's been like that for a few years and coincidentally they've all been on the road when the preseason opener is a home game. It's such a strange pattern.
  14. Never heard of such a thing but it sounds like my kinda party
  15. Some pervert posted some thread and he's a fucking [profanity deleted]. Let's shut him down and expose him
  16. The Liberty University Flames.
  17. Our defense was bailed out by a lot of penalties.

    This was a bad game for defense in general though, can't rush the edge when the ground comes out from under your feet. I think that's part of why Z stood out so much, he's got bullrush potential and this game catered to his strengths, everyone else was trying to rush the traditional way and slipping and falling.

    Same for the secondary, was an ugly game in general.

    And goddamn get mallett out, he's gonna get someone killed
  18. Its probably Denny.
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