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2021 General Draft Thoughts

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. The top of the 2021 receiver class is probably even better than this year's class
    Some QBs this year too
    1. Najee Harris (RB)
    2. Jalen Waddle (WR)
    3. LaBryan Ray (DL)
    4. Devonta Smith (WR)
    5. Patrick Surtain II (DB)
    6. Gregory Rousseau (DE)
    7. Cisco guy from Syracuse (S)
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  2. Devonta Smith
    Devonta Smith
    Devonta Smith
  3. Had to put a list up before @LSURavenFan discovers this thread
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  4. I'd pull a Julio Jones like trade out for either Justyn Ross or Ja'Marr Chase in a heartbeat.
  5. Yes, I know.
    However, Ravens do not do that kind of crap. If you don't believe me, just rewind the last 3 days.
  6. Justyn Ross is above Ja'Marr Chase for me.

    Amon-Ra st Brown is slept on at WR and is someone I'd love to have here

    Micah Parsons is phenomenal LB prospect not that we need one anymore lol But I really like him

    Creed Humphrey C from Oklahoma is enticing if we want an upgrade at C next year

    Pass rusher looks thin early while CB looks top heavy
  7. Micah parsons is unbelievable, should be a top 10 pick. Pension Sewell could go top 3, he is very very good in both the run and pass
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  8. 2020 was the year to trade up, we had the capital and the team was in a solid position to do so and we had guys fall into a perfect range of value. If we didn’t trade up 12 spots for lamb, or 9 spots for chaisson, despite having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, we aren’t pulling a mega trade next year.

    could we move up a few spots for a faller? Sure, but it’s unlikely.
  9. Realistically though, where do you project najee Harris? And if Ingram and gus aren’t around for 2021 would you like to pair him with dobbins for a day 2 pick?
  10. NFI, hard to be realistic at this stage.
  11. dont know what NFI means, basically what im saying is if we can spend the same pick next year to get najee harris to pair him with dobbins and lamar, would you? i ask you for obvious reasons lol
  12. NoFuckingIdea
    Yeah, I think I would. Keep fielding unstoppable offense.
  13. I think I would too. The more I think about it the more I love the dobbins pick and the idea of keeping a talented RB or 2. Yeah our scheme makes any back look competent, but an elite talent at RB will get more bang for your buck in Baltimore than anywhere else. Najee Harris is a next level athlete at rb and I’d LOVE to see that type of player in this offense.
  14. He's a little weird to watch for me - feels like always taking a while to start but once he gets going, watch out. Definitely athletic freak level player.
  15. You mean on individual snaps or throughout the course of a Game?
  16. Course of the game.
  17. Anyone have a bad feeling Justin fields ends up a Steelers and is bens replacement... just feels like such a fucking Steelers thing

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