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2021 Never *Too* Early Prospect Watch

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. I understand but spend a couple of hours watching etienne and im pretty sure he'll be your number 1 RB and top playmaker in the draft.
  2. i think he'd have been 1 of my top 2 runners for sure - i loved JT and from what i've seen i think etienne is in that eschelon of runners
  3. I can’t even tell right now, what positions look strong in 2021? I’m seeing what looks to be a pretty weak class overall.
  4. WR class i very good
  5. Yeah other than that though. Rb class looks strong as well. But none of the edge, LB, OL, or dbs really stand out. I like creed Humphrey, surtain, and Asante Samuel jr, but outside of those 3 and the wrs I see very little outside of the top tier.

    like I watched A LOT of Carlos basham and he’s being hailed a 2nd/3rd edge in the class and that is a really bad sign for the edge, because he shouldn’t be a guy going outside of the top 30
  6. i think i saw someone a while back (in the drafniks) say the OT class was going to be another good group in 2021 but cant remember where

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