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2021 General Draft Thoughts

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. I understand but spend a couple of hours watching etienne and im pretty sure he'll be your number 1 RB and top playmaker in the draft.
  2. i think he'd have been 1 of my top 2 runners for sure - i loved JT and from what i've seen i think etienne is in that eschelon of runners
  3. I can’t even tell right now, what positions look strong in 2021? I’m seeing what looks to be a pretty weak class overall.
  4. WR class i very good
  5. Yeah other than that though. Rb class looks strong as well. But none of the edge, LB, OL, or dbs really stand out. I like creed Humphrey, surtain, and Asante Samuel jr, but outside of those 3 and the wrs I see very little outside of the top tier.

    like I watched A LOT of Carlos basham and he’s being hailed a 2nd/3rd edge in the class and that is a really bad sign for the edge, because he shouldn’t be a guy going outside of the top 30
  6. i think i saw someone a while back (in the drafniks) say the OT class was going to be another good group in 2021 but cant remember where
  7. shit it might be - wasnt the problem that orr's was in his neck though - do we know if that's the same with ross?

    he might struggle to get cleared by an NFL team though - especially the ravens if this does prove to be the same issue
  8. Yeah, I saw a tweet mentioning neck/spine area
  9. Even after adding the likes of Hollywood and duvernay, I still want game breaking speed, I feel like you can’t have enough of it, jaylen waddle and devonta Smith are both legit somewhere in the 4.3s, and if not they’ll likely be very close but also crush the shit out of the 10 yard splits, vert, long jump, and 3 cone. I’d love to add either of them, because smith is also a very natural receiver to me(which is my ultimate praise for receivers) and waddle is a dangerous runner with the ball in his hands, so they offer more than just stupid speed.
  10. Adding someone like Waddle would just make our offense OP at that point. Like, wave the white flag type of OP.
  11. Say we’re picking after a team like the chiefs who have been adding speed at wr for years and don’t need anymore, I could see them taking a waddle just to keep him from us.
  12. Yep. Like what they did with Suggs. Assholes.
  13. dont love waddle as a receiver yet - he's amazingly quick but to me he's clearly the weakest of the 4 Bama receivers

    Devonta Smith would have been one of my favourite receivers if he'd come out in the 2020 class - he sometimes lets the ball get into his body too much and he's so thin but i love the rest of his game so much

    he and jamarr chase i think are going to be fighting over top dog in the WR group come next april
  14. You need to watch more of Waddle. He is very good.
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  15. Tutu Atwell looks like he could be an even smaller hollywood - but for sure he's got that speed trait that we clearly covet in WRs

    havent done a deep dive but on a surface level looks to have a profile similar to hollywood
    (but who knows - maybe when it comes to scouting he'll turn out to be more of a KJ Hamler type profile) - either way he's got the kind of speed that makes him unlikely to fall out of the 2nd round already despite being tiny

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