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Week 1 Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Saturday, 09/10/17, 1:00 PM ET - Paul Brown Stadium
    CBS/WJZ-TV (Ch. 13)
    98 Rock | WBAL 1090AM
  2. We always have an opening game party at my house. On the menue this year Old Bay wings. Pulled pork sliders. Bacon cheddar tater skins. And a desert or two, yet to be determined.
  3. Since a CERTAIN SOMEBODY has fallen behind here...
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  4. When does the pool pic go up?
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  5. YESSSSSSSS. And sorry. Lots of... water. Was drinken last night to celebrate the patriots loss.
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  6. Pool pic= dead. Nickelback songs = new pool pic
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  7. I hate pool pic and i hate nickleback.

  8. Hating the band is kind of the point lol.
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  9. good to know.
  10. btw it seems pretty obvious that tim williams will be inactive. My Inactives list ( including hill and price being out)

    Za'Crapius Smith ( sorry his pre season decency doesn't fool me)

    More likely list

  11. i imagine matthews and mayle will both be on the active list given that they are special teams dynamos
    and i imagine that for at least the 1st week or so that bergstrom or bowanko will be the inactive lineman in stead of eluemunor because they wont be up to speed yet necessarily...

    so i think itll look more like this: hill, price, wormley, tim williams (albeit id love for him not to be inactive), henry, maxx, bergstrom
  12. Is Old Bay Steeler coming to watch?
  13. Maxx better not be inactive. Neither should Henry or Williams for that matter. We need all the pass rush we can get.
  14. You ( we) are going to be disappointed then..
  15. Hmmm not feeling the Nickelback thing lol When did we vote on that ? :p
  16. This Afternoon. :lol:
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  18. Leave me some extra hot sauce because I like my wings xtra hot. :)
  19. Hmmmmm..
  20. I have no idea what you are talking about.
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