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Week 2 Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. williams picked up an injury and we were missing zadarius who helps rush from the inside - surely next week we have 6 defensive linemen active rather than 5...
  2. Didnt see much interior pressure even with him on the pitch.
  3. we'll have to wait til filmstudy brings out his notes but im pretty sure we were dominating that line early on up the middle...
  4. we did well vs the run but i didn't see the pocket collapsing. However cleveland have, imo a top 5 O line in football so it's not a huge shocker.
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  5. Fuck Yanda is done for the year
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    Yanda out for the season.
  7. SHIT - FUCKING FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT - why cant we have nice things?
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  8. You can't be serious
  9. And bam's out as well
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  10. what's crazy is yanda walked off with a broken leg
  11. End of the season for Yanda and Bradley, fuck fuck fuck
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  12. Season=over smh.
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  13. Well add two more to the list
  14. You know you are bad ass when...
  15. You have lost your mind.
  16. Nope.
  17. Frankly a loss in this game would be more palatable to the long term prognosis of the Ravens than losing Yanda. I'm seriously concerned right now for the plight of our running game and Flacco's protection.
  18. Season isn't over by any stretch but it just got really tough.
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  19. Hey all- I just posted a sort of wrap up article up in the news section if you all could be so kind as to check it out.
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  20. I read it! I really liked the very last paragraph when you stated...

    "When all things come together for the Baltimore Ravens, this team may truly be scary. The team has a lot of room to improve together, but already looks incredibly strong. At this point, the sky is the limit if the offense keeps stealing the show."

    I wouldn't say that the offense "stole the show" so to speak but imo, IF they can keep putting up enough points to give the defense a significant lead to work from or, IF the defense continues to be ballhawks...the game is over!
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