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The Music Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Tank, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Thought we could use a thread pertaining to the oscillation of sound waves to produce rhythmic, dynamic sounds. lol Post anything that has to do with music, musicians, instruments, etc..
    #1 Tank, Sep 21, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
  2. Went to the VetsAid.org show last night in NOVA. Zac Brown Band, Gary Clark Jr., Keith Urban and Joe Walsh. It was quite an eclectic mix of music and crowd. Had a great time listening to some great tunes!

    VetsAid is a non profit started by Joe Walsh to benefit vets groups across the country.
  3. this is niche but i was in a show called submarine (the only ever adaptation of richard ayoade's film) and we got original music from a band called Island who's first single went big(ish) for a little while - i dunno if you guys like that kind of modern alternative melancholy rock type deal but i'd suggest checking them out - they just got signed to a record deal and are currently recording their debut album
  4. Drake fell off
  5. You're an actor? Cool
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  6. My daughter is taking AP music theory.

    I have been into music all my life. My tastes are a bit eclectic.
    I spent 17 years working in the music industry.
    I was a sound man. I owned a sound, light and staging company, as well as did freelance work, and worked for a few local bands and artists. ( no, you probably never heard of them )
  7. for a little bit - not so much anymore - the last show i did was like 18 months ago - now trying to break into editing/camera in tv
  8. I can kind of play the guitar, and I can play a few chords on the ukulele.
  9. Are you a 500 lb hawaiian?
  10. Haha, no, but I do know a 300 lb Hawaiian who teaches how to play the ukulele.
  11. I can play a few chords on the ukulele. @SepticeyePoe. Guitar in college= instant girls. Literally..... I wish I knew why since I'm only decent.

    To change the subject. Does anyone have any massive guilty pleasures that they'd like to admit to having...

    No... Mine isn't nickeback....

    Okay so here goes mine... I'm legit ashamed of some of these.

    Hinder- Lips of an angel.
    Basically the entire first album by Maroon five.
    Half of Taylor Swift's Country Stuff(her pop stuff is total ass. But for whatever reason whenever I bust out an acoustic guitar with my friends they want me to play fucking Taylor Swift... So I at least make it good Taylor Swift).
    I want it that way- backstreet boy(I sang this at a wedding once as a joke. Got a kick out of it)
    Ed Sheeran-photograph
    Ed Sheeran-Castle on the Hill(sometimes. I have to be in the right mood).
    Most of Sara Barellis' music. Except for Brave because let's be real: that song sucks. Uncharted is her best album(I have a thing for girls who play the Piano... Sue me). Also Sweet As Whole is one of the best songs ever written
    December 1963, The Four Seasons(not gonna lie though. This is one of my favorite songs ever)
    Peter Pan-Kelsea Ballerini(if you've ever actually read Peter Pan, this song is actually fucking genius)
    Chicken Fried-Zac Brown Band(bigger Garth Brooks fan. Not a fan of other things)
    Kenny Loggins.. Just no further explanation needed. He's genius.
  12. Looks like I'm taking my guitar with me when I go to college :lol:

    I like to play You Belong With Me on the guitar. It was one of the first songs that I could actually play well. The other was A Horse With No Name, which has like 2 chords.
  13. My guilty pleasure?

    My god this song is SO catchy and addictive.

    Such a happy pop song.
  14. Anyone listen to something other than pop music?
  15. 80's hair metal.
    80's nu wave.
    #15 K-Dog, Sep 29, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
  16. To name some go to.....SRV, Chili Peppers, Little Feat, Robin Trower, Gary Clark, Jr., STP, Jeff Beck, Santana.
  17. What's nu?

    Don't tell me this is a bad joke. lol
  18. I would consider that pop music broadly....perhaps I should have said rock.
  19. Or obscure rock maybe? Ever listen to White Trash? 90's band.

  20. Nu wave.
    Not sure what happened there.

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