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Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. But you forget he has a good QB throwing him the ball....
  2. We are just a pathetic excuse for a team. The problem stems from our QB position really. His demeanor and lackadaisical attitude about playing winning football is contagious and has afflicted the whole team. He is an inspiration alright but for the wrong reasons. He has lulled our offense to sleep. He is bad not for his own positional qualifications, but bad for the morale of the team as well. He is the cancer that ails us. Cut him out and put either Mallet or somebody else in ASAP. Get rid of Marty tomorrow and put anybody else in charge. Get rid of Pees and bring in somebody else. At the end of the season clean house and start rebuilding.
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  3. ya guys all want to kill the messenger for delivering the bad message. Who extended flacco? who let his weapons and shields go? youre not getting to the heart of the matter
  4. I would love to know what Maclin was upset about obviously we can all guess but I'd be curious to know exactly about what lol watching games at home you miss all that fun stuff I almost bought tickets to this game before the season would've been $600+ for me and my girlfriend to go happy we didn't after that performance
  5. He was livid! I can only "assume" that it had something to do with the play calling and their inability to put the receivers in better position to make plays....although they struggled with that. After that particular 3 & out....he came to the sideline heated, threw off his helmet, got in Marty's face and was screaming, yelling and then he walked off from him and went and stood at the end of the bench walking in a small circle.

    Maclin didn't want anything to do with anyone on the team while he was attempting to cool off. It was that bad out there today and we felt it in the stands. We booed! We shouted! We yelled! And MANY OF US was talking about how bad this offense is and how much Flacco sucks to high heaven! I actually loved being around other Raven fans like myself that DON'T DRINK THE PURPLE KOOL-AID about Flacco. It was beautiful! We need BETTER OFFENSIVE PLAYERS-PERIOD!
  6. It honestly doesn't make a difference if the team calls him out. He's admitted to his mistakes. It's hilarious to me that people are coming out the wood work like this. On the old site this would be viewed as "Flacco Hate." I was never as extreme as some, but this kind of play has been here for years.

    It's honestly hard to judge this team, especially with all the injuries. I will repeat this as I feel I have each week. WHAT WERE EXPECTATIONS?
    Mine weren't that high to begin with so we're about on track(8-8 but hoping we get no where near that). Don't expect wholesale changes this off season guys. The FO will most likely go all in on offense and if the things aren't cleaned up NEXT year, I expect Harbaugh to be let go.

    Just hope the injuries to younger guys don't affect them long term.
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  7. If I recall correctly it happened after we called a run with Terrance west on 3rd down and got a negative play. I think he was just fed up with the play calling at that point and the severe lack of urgency.
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