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Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. and this time flacco missed him - its literally always either a missed throw or a drop with those two
  2. I don't think so this go around. I think most of the fanbase has turned on him.
  3. Elam
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  4. To be fair Perriman was gonna bring in the bad pass but he got freaking rocked
  5. bit too early for wormley tbf
  6. Probably gonna promote a kill flacco thread in a minute
  7. To be fair Perriman was gonna bring in the bad pass but he got freaking rocked
  9. right let's get the first down and then just kneel
  10. get ray lewis to do his lame ass prayers and talk about god
    harbaugh then joins in and goes into heart of lions

    this team is just meh..the energy is bad and maybe the FO deserve this. the fans don't but the FO do.
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  11. Total garbage padding of stats!
  12. IIRC Bisciotti DID call him out after the season ended. He said they expect more from him. But are words really going to keep him from throwing to the other team. I mean as bad as he's playing I doubt he made a conscious decision to see how many ints he can get away with.
  13. It's stat collecting time and idiot still throwing to RBs smh.
  14. Flacco is done.
    Play calling sucks.
    Defense got gashed.
    Harbs needs to go and so does the coordinators.
    just clean house!!!
  15. Throw a jump ball to bp
  16. Harbaugh legitimately frustrated with the lack of urgency ....down twenty with twenty seconds...
  17. Shame on the Ravens!
  18. Need to throw Perriman a sympathy TD get damn kid some confidence. Stop leading him into linebackers every week.
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  19. This team is an embarrassment
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