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Week 5 Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. Thank God we had (and I do mean HAD) depth on the D line.
  2. That was a nice hit.
  4. Jesus Weddle. I see Jefferson is rubbing off on you in the best way.
  5. Great stick Weddle.
  6. hahahahaha KO
  7. Defense has closed. That shoud do it.
  8. great legal hit - i mean at least these refs are consistent in not throwing flags
  9. And with that, the Ravens are now tied for the lead in the AFC North, thanks in no small part the Jags doing to Pitt what they did to us.
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  10. Victory formation boys.
  11. Run the score up
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  12. Not really. Pitt has beaten us. They be first.
  13. That's normally a penalty in this league .... shocked they didn't call it
  14. They've got some cheek to shout for a flag for that hit after everything they've done to us today.
  15. Hay ... Barn!
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  16. Yes they have the tiebreaker but it is still tied for the lead in the AFCNorth.
  17. I didn't want to say anything earlier but credit to the refs for letting everyone play today. That's the kind of football I like to see. I know there's a few that could have helped us, but atleast raiders fans can't complain about flags. I can only remember seeing the refs once one or two holdings. Great job.
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  18. Proud of the way the Ravens fans travel man! So good to see purple jerseys!
  19. True - but let's be happy we closed the gap to some degree.

    Also - potential tie-breaker with Raiders, should they be one of the possible WC teams.
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