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Week 5 Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. Well its going to be KC in that division so probably will be useful.
  2. No lie ... I get sick with this little pushes and shoves at the end of plays or the infamous, ridiculous "taunting" penalty changing games.
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  4. that's cool from flacco just kneeling and giving howard the ball
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  5. So ... Honestly, I'm surprised I'm sitting here talking about playoff scenarios. The way this team has looked, it would not have been altogether shocking that they could have come out looking like garbage again and then I'm sitting here wondering what our draft pick will be.

    The AFC is weak. KC looks legit and NE is shaky but is still NE. No one else is really shown they aren't above stink bomb outings.
  6. I hate those calls because it's impossible for the refs to know what happened. Someone can knee you during the play call you something and push you after,and the guy who shoves back gets -15 yards??
  7. Hold on... did the int streak end?
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  8. It did. And Flacco played really well. Sans for a few passes, but still. Actually was accurate today. Good on him
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  9. Where can you watch post game coverage?
  10. Passed out in the middle of the 2nd and didn't wake up until midway thru Oaklands long td drive. Looked like I was lucky to enough to miss the bad Ravens section of the game.
  11. i think the broadcast ran out of time for the post-game show and just went straight into 60 minutes
  12. Great win for the ravens this week and the oline provided some solid protection and Flacco broke his 10 game int streak. Solid game all around. Didn’t like how they didn’t use A. Collins inside the 10 yard line, but understand they didn’t want a fumble there.
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