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Hip-Hip, Rap Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by gtalk12, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Who's your favorite rapper and favorite verse from that rapper....Go
  2. I only listen to rap when I'm working out. So your typical cliche rap songs. So my go to workout songs are
    Till I collapse, Eminem
    Without me, Eminem
    Lose Yourself, Eminem
    Mama Said Knock you Out, LL Cool J
    Most things by Logic

    Stuff like that.
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  3. i cant get enough of chance the rapper
  4. Favorite song and favorite line
  5. Favorite verse ever is probably the second verse of "Real Slim Shady".

    Favorite song.. Can't decide

    Favorite line is the opening to Mama said knock you out. There isn't a better song to kick box to
  6. oh man - i really like summer friends, the reprise of blessings and same drugs from coloring book but also cocoa butter kisses from acid rap is sik too

    but a favourite line - im not sure i have one but i really like this lyric from his new untitled track with daniel caesar:
    I miss my mom, I miss my time, I miss my prime
    In high school, I missed my prom, I ditched my date, I missed my beat
    Kissed my teeth, kicked my feet, whooped and hollered
    Now I just sip my tea, sit my ass on my ass, send my tweet
    Fold my arms, twist my weed
    If I hadn't heard the news, I would've known what he say
    But the recliner on my chair is like an emergency brake, you know
  7. Eminem is my favorite rapper. Some of his songs that I like are Lose Yourself, Stan, Like Toy Soldiers, Sing for the Moment, Mockingbird, Without Me, and Rap God.

    I don't really have a favorite verse.
  8. a more exhaustive list of the artists i like:

    isaiah rashad
    childish gambino

    some older guys like
    public enemy
    tribe called quest
    (or like any affiliates of busta rhymes)

    my guilty pleasures are the macklemore activism songs like white privilege ii and same love though

    i really like a powerful/dramatic/interesting instrumental - with all music i always notice lyrics last (just the way my brian works) so an interesting beat or instrumental always is more likely to get me engaged in an artist - its a pretty common theme for all the guys above
  9. mockingbird's good - i also really like mosh - its just so unapologetically angry and the video is great
  10. Ever go over to a friends house...

  11. Sweetness, obviously
  12. Don't lie to me. You're favorite rap song is obviously "It's Everyday Bro" With "England is my city" being the most genius line ever written
  13. you are legitimately way too obsessed for this to be just a meme at this point
  14. Sure dude.

    He's got some issues.

    Part of it is I have a 10 year old brother who's more obsessed than I am. Like apperantly this fuckhead has other songs. Nope. Just nope. Someone needs to punch this guy in the face.
    We've been over this. My obsession is with Nickelback
  16. Macklemore is also a guilty pleasure for me as well during a workout. LOVE some of public enemy's stuff
  17. i think you just have it in your head that it's everywhere - id never heard of it til you mentioned it - havent seen it anywhere outside of you dude...
  18. 'harder than you think' is like the most motivational soundtrack you can come across - was literally used as the hype-introduction song for UK coverage of the paralympics in 2012
  19. Oh yeah.
  20. You looked at the YouTube comment sections going back to july for half the videos you’ll see the comment. And all of my friends reference it mockingly as well.

    What once started out as a meme has turned into digital heroin.
    Nice! Rap songs mostly just allow me to focus mid workout. Not really pump me up. Only real song that pulls me up is either seven nation army or icky thump or in the air tonight.

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