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Week 6 Chicago Bears @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 14, 2017.

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  1. Yeah, good idea. But this is FUCKING BULL SHIT
  2. Pretty crappy play all day long outside of a Collins the kick return and the punt return.

    I said I’d give Flacco all season, but I’m pissed at his play and I’m not talking about the two miraculous interceptions. I’m talking about the 3rd and 2 in it where he misses a wide open wr. He was outplayed by a rookie with 15 starts dating to high school. Trubisky also had two wr who had never started a game.

    I’ll never give up on the Ravens, but today there was bad play all over and Flacco should take Take the bulk of since he is the qb.
  3. im not sure i know how to go live my life - it's a fatal flaw but i am always affected by stuff like this and i cant stop it - apathy isnt a state i can enter when it comes to the ravens
  4. he should take the blame in the sense that he's running the offence - but like no one was open at all - even the throws he missed the guys were in tight coverage mostly - only guy who i saw run an actual route to get open today was campanaro and he dropped the fucking football
  5. He gets plowed on every tackle. Stats are fake news, watching play tells the truth.
  6. I saw at least TWO fantastic, game changeing catches by the Bears receivers that NO and I mean NO receiver on our current roster could have possibly made.

    That was a major difference maker.
  7. I don't recall him not being a reliable tackler on film last year. He looked like a sure thing on the field in terms of tackling but this year has been a different store.
  8. Don't worry. You will grow out of that. Looking back it really is a terrible place to be when something so completely out of your control has so much control over you.
  9. And the match is about to be dropped
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  10. i mean wallace made a catch like that last week but he disappeared this week

    but its not like the bears receivers are any good at all - they hardly got any catches either as a unit
  11. Totally agree. Something like this shouldn’t affect you.
  12. But they got the ones that really really mattered. Two of them made a game changing difference.
  13. lol...... maybe you are on ground where heads rolled?

    Can’t be but so mad about this loss. Bears beat us fair and square on the line of scrimmage. That said, I doubt that the Ravens have ever won a game that Ed Hoculi officiated. Started a long time ago against the Packers. And yes, he is from Wisconsin.
  14. oh ive been able to do it with other sports on and off for years but for some reason the ravens just have me by the balls and i dont know why - they werent my first fandom, ive never even been to the US and ive certainly never seen them play live so i dont know why they have me so hard when ive become apathetic at times to teams that ive supported since i was really young, watched them play, been to the stadiums, always talked about with friends

    its crazy that the ravens have got me like this
  15. Don’t hold back, say what you really mean.

    It’s a strange season all over, you never know what might happen.
  16. Man I would love to be able to verify this.
  17. Our receivers and linemen pretty much lost the game today. I think things will get better. They better improve or we get smoked in Miinysota.
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  18. I remember years ago playing the packers and Ed was the head ref. Every call went against us and I happened to notice he was from Wisconsin. Just sayin.
  19. It just might take some time.

    Hell I was married and had a kid.

    We suffered a ugly painful loss and I was all mad and bitchy and took it out on my wife and kid and they called me on it.
    and they were 100% in the right to do so. Ever since that day it has been less dramatic.

    Don't get me wrong, I am bummed right now, but that is about it. Again. It doesn't affect me one bit. I still have my house. I still have my job. All my family is well and healthy. Life is good. Life is very good. :)
    I had no control over that game whatsoever. It is not personal.
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