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Week 6 Chicago Bears @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 14, 2017.

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  1. No, I mean that we have never won under his refereeship.

    ( Do you see that? I made up a new word !!!!!! )
  2. flacco and ozzie r the problem. receivers had a chance to step up and failed and flacco just sucks. no longer defending him. need better players on offense
  3. ozzie drafted wormley and tim williams in the 3rd when we could have drafted kareem hunt. i actually like williams but wormley was a reach. perriman sucks
  4. i was ecstatic with timmy williams there in the 3rd and i would have loved kareem hunt too but given that we drafted wormley and despite the fact i hated the pick - he did play well today in his snaps
  5. Hard to see five more wins at this point. At Cleveland vs Dolphins, maybe at Steelers?
  6. hate relying on other teams to lose. this team is soooo inconsistent and harbs, ozzie, flacco r too blame, pees time should be up as well
  7. dude the dolphins just beat the falcons...

    where i once saw a soft(ish) schedule and an easy path to at least 9 wins im now not sure where i see the wins coming from because there's no team with a defence bad enough to make our offence look good
  8. not sure what ozzie did wrong today?
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  9. the group of receivers we have r garbage. put together by ozzie
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  10. maxx williams is yet another high pick along with elam, perriman and kc that r useless in recent years. need to hit on some of those high pics or it sets you back at some point as it is now.
  11. just venting you all. this was a winnable game that was blown by the poor offense we have. blame to be shared by many
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  12. We are going to finish this season 7-9 best case, and 5-11 worst case. This is my opinion based on the way our team is structured on offense.
  13. I think we need to mortgage all our picks for next year and draft the QB of the future just like the Eagles did with Wentz. At the time, it looks bad, but over time looks like a genius move. What's the point of having a ton of picks if we don't hit on too many anyway. I would rather focus in on a few no miss players and go all in on them. The quality of our roster has become mediocre to below mediocre and hence the results.
  14. It won't make a rat's ass difference because neither team will make the playoffs. Andy Dalton and the Bungles will win the AFC North believe it or not!
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  15. Since the Ravens scored 24 pts., how many TD's did the offense score today?
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  16. Fuck this team.
  17. i remember when the bank was a place visiting teams came to lose. has not been that way the past 3 years.
  18. Too easy.

    I guess the band-aid may as well be ripped off quickly.
  19. Offense big fat donut on the TD scale.
    Three FGs and a two-point conversion overall.

    I don't even know what to say about these guys anymore, there's just no sense of urgency from them. Had several turnovers from the defense with good field position squandered. Down in the 4th quarter they just going for a walk in the park instead of hustling around.
  20. the offense as a whole is terrible. no one is on the same page and personally if marty is fired it will not make a difference. there are no studs at the skill positions and a bunch of early rounds pansies/busts that do nothing for this team (perriman, williams). this offense needs a leveon bell and a physical receiver like we had in boldin that fights for the ball. flacco has been horrid. on to the vikings
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