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Divisional Round Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills

Discussion in '2020 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Yea but rossi, the game was tied 3-3 at halftime and Roman kept going to what wasn’t working. He literally made zero adjustments and that’s unacceptable. No screens at all to neutralize the pass rush. Dives, sweeps, etc that simply weren’t working, etc. I mean, unless Lamar can call his own plays, the offense was set up for failure from the get go
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  2. Thank you! I don’t care if Kubiak did us dirty before. I’d LOVE him here
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  3. Ravens Qb coach James Urban might be one to keep an eye on. WR coach for Cincy and QB coach for the Eagles before that.
  4. Kubiak only left us for his literal dream job so I don't even have any ill-will towards him. I would definitely love it if he came back here. That 2014 season probably would have ended in a SB if our secondary didn't die lol
  5. Roman’s offensive scheme has run its course .
    See ya Greg but you ain’t getting a head coaching job and will be hard pressed to get another OC job unless it’s with a scrub team.
  6. Guys are wide open at times but he can’t read the defense properly. At times it’s absolutely on his line for not giving him time but I just don’t think he has the intelligence to stare down a defense and understand where the play should go. Amazing improviser that has won us some big games on those plays... but you can only get so far playing that way.

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  7. I get where you're coming from, but I don't know if you can fire a head coach after an 11 win season and a posteason win. I mean I'm still laughing at Detroit for firing a guy who took the Lions to 9-7 two years in a row.
    The defense was just fine the special teams was atrocious but that was highly atypical. The offense has to change though. Problem is, as you said, they've collapse 3 years in a row. There were two different OCs during that time. So getting rid of Roman might not be enough.
  8. that's not entirely true - our first drive after half-time was a 9 minute drive that got us all the way into the redzone but lamar through the pick 6

    they adjusted super well and got basically a perfect ravens drive out of it until lamar made that throw...

    2 plays later lamar's out of the game and idk that you can put that on Roman making "zero adjustments"

    the offence moved the ball this game - we had 5 drives get inside the bills 30 and came away with 3 points - how can that be anything other than execution???
  9. The first offensive set we were running it down their throats and Roman gets cute and calls a pass play . Didn’t Lamar get sacked ? Don’t recall. All I know is it was a moronic play call .
  10. Side note from bashing the offense ... Has Humphrey looked off to anyone else. I’m disappointed he wasn’t locked on Diggs all night. Obviously scheme , but it seems late in the season he faded.

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