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2021 Post-Draft Discussion Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, May 1, 2021.


Which Day 3 Pick was your favourite?

  1. Tylan Wallace

  2. Shaun Wade

  3. Daelin Hayes

  4. Ben Mason

  1. Gahhhhhdamn. Scorched earth. You really fucking hit the nail on the head too.

    their window has been closed for so long that they’re getting delusional lmao, like they’re so starved for a contending team that they’re seeing mirages
  2. profanity filter is broken lol - but i have no idea who can fix it
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  3. lol, this is very true. Throw in the Skins, outside of a few knowledgeable posters out of the 50 trillion.
  4. Do they even realize that Big Ben is still their QB. Do they know who their coach is?

    Who do they have on the offensive line besides DeCastro?
  5. not sure things like that happen.

    I still feel we should have a profanity filter for those special names we don't mention around here.

    Still waiting for that running list @Dom McRaven
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  6. As for now, it's:
    -B***y B****s
    -V***y C*****o
    -M**t J***n
    -B***y C*****f
    -L** E***s
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  7. Was it by Pete 'drinkmy' Pissco?
  8. Now it's just 'somebody that I used to knooow' lol

    Idk what to say.. Really.
    You need some truly biased lasagna to say we didb worse than the Saints..let wlone the raiders.
    You reaaally that thick Ryan Wilson? Cmon, gtfoh (Sebastian Maniscalco voice)
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  9. The funny thing is, the guy sounded like he was impressed with our picks, even the Stephens one he ended up talking himself into it being decent. I just think the guy isn’t a Ravens fan, but a Steelers Stan
  10. My guess is you all didn't read the intro. It doesn't seek to rank or grade draft classes- it seeks to say "we had this player ranked here and he got picked here, so we're ranking (and I use ranking loosely) based on the 'value' we had on our big board."

    Given that Stephens was a practical unknown to most of the media, the Ravens got dinged, presumably very hard.
  11. The list is dumber than I originally thought then.
  12. add in D.. S....r for me.
  13. Nice to see you on the boards and I hope all has been well, but where the fuck have you been?
  14. I never really agree with the analysts on CBS, especially Pizza man, Prisco.
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  15. Oh he definitely a traitor to YOU.
  16. Let’s try this... Dip shit. Didn’t censor it

    Pussy fucker
  17. dont forget the texans too

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