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Who would you have drafted....

Discussion in '2017 NFL Draft' started by Sledge Hammer, May 8, 2017.

  1. Remember guys and girls. To pick a different draft pick doesn't mean you don't like the ravens pick. You are stating your favorite player with that pick. I like OJ Howard. Although I do think Humphrey is at least a very good cover2 cornerback/SS. Skimming through various pics he is a really big man. And his arms are like go go gadget arms. Anyways I'm off track here. Who are your favorites at every pick. Trades are allowed as long as it is realistic.
  2. given how the board went i dont know who id pick in stead of humphrey but let's say jonathan allen at 16
    at 47 im pretty ecstatic with bowser
    at 74 im picking fabian moreau who i think was a borderline first round talent although he has a very different skillset to marlon
    at 78 im sticking with tim williams and im not sure theres a single ravens fan who'd change that pick
    at 122 ill go with desmond king here but i was thinking about both jake butt and sticking with nico siragusa
    at 159 im sticking with jermaine eluemunor
    at 186 im thinking about adam bisnowaty but i really like keion adams

    obviously positionally this draft would be a mess and it probably shows how good the ravens' draft was that im struggling to come up with names i liked more - the easiest changes for me were at pick 74 and pick 186 but the others were pretty difficult to change and i had to kind of force it in places
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  3. Round1 I'm going OJ Howard maybe Lamp/Allen
    2 Tough call maybe Bowser. Probably cornerback maybe Schuster/Moton
    3Not sure yet but I'm changing Wormley. He brings nothing special to table. If you are content with mediocrity he is your player then..
    3 Tim Williams
    4 Siragusa so far
    5 Eluemunor so far
    6 Oline/cornerback

    As you can see narrowing it down.
  4. i would have loved one of those 1st round corners dropping to our 2nd round pick but given who was on the board i cant say there's any cornerback who id have wanted at 47 given who was left and the value at other positions... in that sense it sucked that quincy wilson went a pick before us, just like malik hooker going a pick before us in the 1st was disappointing too (those damn colts) as well as barnett going to the eagles

    if i could find a way for us to start off barnett and wilson as our first 2 picks then id prefer that but given the way the draft went im not sure there were any pass rushers round 1 or corners round 2 that were really in our range
  5. From the tape, I'm not a big Desmond King fan. Definitely don't see him as a corner, maybe in time as a safety. Glad we chose Goose 2 in this position.

    I'd be cool with Wormley, but I'd be happy taking Fabian Moreau as well. I believe he's atleast a top 50 talent and it would screw with the Skins draft also. I also like Carlos Henderson at this point, feel he has some serious potential. I would have taken a chance on Bisnowaty or Ford in with pick 186.

    Anyway, I love this draft and pair it with last years draft and on paper it looks amazing.
    #5 RavensMania, May 8, 2017
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  6. 3 Bama

    16. Marlon Humphrey
    47. Tim Williams
    74. Ardarius Stewart. Next Jarvis Landry maybe.
    78. Tarel Basham
  7. Not really a fan of Stewart. That's why there's chocolate and vanilla. I would have rather had Carlos Henderson at 74 instead of your selection. I would keep Bowser and Williams at 47 and 78 respectively.
  8. we can quibble over wormley vs ardarius stewart here but what i dont get is drafting tim williams at 47 when we got him at 78... essentially you are trading out tyus bowser for tarrell basham - dont get me wrong i like basham but tyus bowser is a different level athlete with great coverage ability and a higher upside
  9. Thats how the board fell. so i would reach for williams and i woulda liked a wr. Basham plays the run better and hes a better pass rusher than Bowser. If Bowser plays inside, then yea i like the pick but right now hes going to be playing outside. hes going to be rushing the passer and setting the edge. Basham does those 2 things better. WEll see in time.
    #9 HNL Raven, May 8, 2017
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  10. I think if we were going to trade for need over the best talent then we needed to move up for Lattimore, I like Humphrey but that fatal flaw of his is something corners don't usually improve on.

    Last year I said we should attempt to trade this years 1st for the rights to Joey Bosa, back when he had that bitter stalemate with Chargers brass.
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  11. Im happy with the draft but those are just the players i preferred.
    #11 HNL Raven, May 9, 2017
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  12. Totally agree with Bisnowaty. I think he was a steal at that juncture. I don't know what our management is thinking sometimes. Freaking Chuck Clark. Not even close to BPA. Ridiculous. If you are going to neglect the offensive line until mid to late rounds. Then shoulda closed the draft out with an O-line player. He is a very solid player to create healthy competition with our young lineman.
  13. 1) Marlon Humphrey. Not the player I was expecting to be called at 16 but if Ozzie didn't take Foster and Allen then the issue must be real with them, no matter how good they are.
    2) Cooper Kupp: I think he's going to own the slot for the next decade. He's quick, strong, doesn't drop, savvy... He's going to murder slot corners for a long time and he would have made such an impact here.
    3) Tim Williams: Jumping because...
    3b) Carl Lawson: Damn right I'm taking Carl Lawson. He had a huge season and killed the combine, just imagine those two guys off the edge... That would have been nuts. Lawson was one of my favourite players in the draft, it kills me he went to the lame cats (same thing for Juju btw).
    4) Nico Siragusa: Why change?
    5) Jermaine Eluemunor: I think taking a chance on him in the 5th is very smart, he can play several position and he has all the tools for us to turn into an excellent starter.
    6) Anthony Walker (not sure he was there but at worst give up a grain of salt to the Colts for moving up): Unthinkable that he fell this far. He would've filled a hole a brought another intimidating guy to the defense.
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  14. Move back in 1st to take sidney or kevin king.
  15. 16) OJ Howard- I dont mind the Humphrey pick honestly, but ignoring the offense as much as we have worries me quite a bit. Looks like we plan on winning games 13-10

    47) Bowser- This is the guy i wanted most in the entire draft. Hopefully he pans out, just saying Bowser is fun

    74) I dont know a lot about Wormley, but im ok with the pick considering the position. I have read often that some thinks he can start this year. Maybe swap Derek Rivers here

    78) Twilliams- This is the second guy i wanted most in this draft, so you can imagine im overall happy with out draft.

    I would minding keeping the 1st round pick a CB then switching 74 to either Chris Godwin or Chad Williams.
  16. What do you do with all the Tight ends on the roster?
    Correa is the same product as Bowser. i dont understand people loving the Bowser pick and hating the Correa pick.
  17. Doesnt matter how many TEs we have if none of them are any good. I was a huge fan of Gilmore: cant stay healthy. Max, cant stay healthy. Waller i just dont see turning into anything. Boyle: when is his next suspension? Watson might be the veteran we need in this locker room, i was never happy with the signing but id like to see what he can do. Pitta: cant wait for 90 catches and 148 yard season from him. I doubt anyone would argue we have a better TE on our roster than Howard.

    Bowswer is a much better athlete than KC at the same size. Plus, i just like him more. If Bowser contribute less than KC did in his first year, i will be absolutely shocked.
    #17 usmccharles, May 10, 2017
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  18. Isn't it good if Bowser fails to contribute less than Correa?
  19. haha yep, nice catch
  20. :)

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