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Who would you have drafted....

Discussion in '2017 NFL Draft' started by Sledge Hammer, May 8, 2017.

  1. I would say Correa is a better football player. Bowser doesn't know what he's doing when he engage or tries to disengage. Correa showed more promise and produced more in college. Bowser is so raw and his game speed doesn't match his numbers. only thing he has over Correa is coverage.
  2. Thank you sir Charles
  3. 16- Trade to mid 20's and pick up an extra 3rd and 4th

    25- Forrest Lamp ( can play RT v well as well as C and G)
    47- Zach Cunningham
    73- Chris Wormley
    76- Tim Williams
    84( trade)- Jourdan Lewis
    112( Trade) Carl Lawson
    122- Nico Siragusa
    159- Isaiah Ford
    186- Xavier woods.
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  4. D
    I like it but I would dump Chris Wormley. I dunno maybe Ogunjobi if you have to have a defensive tackle. But I would go BPA TE/WR with that pick. Absolutely love the trade back and getting Lamp. I think Lamp is a touch overrated. He isn't quite there with Zack Martin but nonetheless a very good guard/center.

    I really like replacing Bowser with a more polished LB like Cunningham. Converting an edge rusher in college to an ilb is retarded. I mean I get the hope and projection behind the strategy. Their thinking is to have an explosive edge rushing olb that can rack up double digit sacks. All while dropping in coverage and performing LB assignments on plays he is not rushing the QB. Similar to Boulware and Adalius Thomas( criminally left off all time favorite ravens lists) and their role. And if it works out that is an awesome defensive player.

    Boulware was one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. Aldon Smith skills rushing the QB. If he were a full time 3-4 edge rusher he would be a 16-20 sack rusher. And he could perform traditional LB assignments at a top level as well. That is the goal for Bowser. However it could really go sideways. He could as likely struggle at rushing and LB assignments. As much as he is to excel at multiple tasks. I personally think Tim Williams has a great chance to be an all around player rushing the QB at an elite level while functional at running LB tasks. He plays faster than his computer numbers. While Bowser needs to work up to his playspeed matchin computer numbers.

  5. I just picked guys that i had higher on my draft board than ozzie. I picked guys with the highest floors and decent to great ceilings. that's why i picked wormely. He's pro ready ala corey redding- chris canty.

    My draft destroys ozzies. If we had this draft I'd say it would be the best draft since 1996.
  6. I went on record in the last board in saying that I would have picked up Peppers. I am so sure that hes going to be very good in the NFL. Def would have picked Tim Williams up in the 2nd without thinking twice
  7. Took me a minute to warm up to it, i love how are draft went, but knowing the D guys we selected, i would of much rather had a playmaker on offense with that first pick. I knew we had zero chance for Davis or Williams
  8. You didn't TALK yourself into liking the picks now did you?? Rebell a little in a healthy way!! You don't have to go overboard like I do. lol. It's ok to act like a spoiled teenager when you don't get your new playmaker.

    I liked the draft in a nutshell. Shoulda drafted Howard or traded down for Lamp or Robinson. I don't get Bowser but I'm hopeful. Rest of draft I like. Wormley I'm reserved. But I like Tim Eluemunor and Siragusa a lot. Chuck Clark I won't even bother talking about that with players left on board. Ridiculous.
    I called Davis to Tennessee and Williams to chargers. I thought Howard wouldn't get by Bills and Eagles. Thought for sure he was our pick when he did.
  9. I only talked myself into the pick AFTER the draft. I would of hated the pick day 1, but after seeing that we got Bowser, and Twill, i think we could of picked up another CB instead of Wormley, not sure who was on the board though nor do i know much about him.

    I thought Williams was going to tennesse and i thought Bills were going to take Davis, Cook to Eagles, i wanted barnet with out first pick because i knew we had no chance at either WR
  10. I dont think the FO thinks that highly of Urban/Kaufusi.. If they felt those two were higher class then there is no way they would have taken wormley
    [doublepost=1494651417,1494651387][/doublepost]wish we would stop wasting picks though and drafting the same positions every year :/
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  11. I disagree to an extent. With Kaufusi's injury, they cant be to sure because they didnt get to evaluate him at this level. Whats your take on Wormley, i dont know anything about him really
  12. Italian Raven is going over Wormleys tape carefully. All of it I believe. He will probably be posting his thoughts here.
  13. Go back and watch both players tape. I think you'll see a different player.
  14. Forgot to reply to this, but i dont see KC panning out, and if your right about Bowswer and he doesnt pan out, the FO would have completely missed on 2 2nd round picks in a row, taking projects.
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  15. Italian job looked over Wormley and Williams this week thoroughly. He loves Timmy and confirmed what I thought. Wormley is hoped to be solid player and character pick. Coaches favorite. But I don't think he brings anything to the table to make the dealer flinch much less fold

    Would of preferred Lawson, Garcia maybe a cornerback. To get 2 awesome edge rushers in round 3 of same draft would be historical. Lawson sets a hard edge and turns the corner with crazy amount of torque and explosion. Hope we're wrong about Wormley but Italian wasn't impressed. He likely will post his detailed analysis. I trust him but hope he is wrong about Chris Wormley.
  16. for the 10000000th time. Wormley at DE is average. Wormley at DT is awesome. Look at his 2015 tape where he played inside and he is DOMINAANT. how domintant? PFF rated him the best pass rushing DT in all of college football and its not even close. ( and with great run grades to)
  17. Scheme maybe? I don't see anything that transfers to NFL production. Not saying I'm correct. We want you to be correct.
  18. He is wasted on the edge. Is he a flashy pick? No..but he's a safe pick. He's not going to be a pro bowl player..but i can def see a chris canty/corey redding type career. He needs to play inside though. BTW 80% of an entire NFL draft for a year end up out of the league in 4 years.

    so take that for data ( chanelling my inner dave fizdale)
    [doublepost=1494872795,1494871484][/doublepost]Btw the more i watch of humphrey im convinced his potential is around

    Jimmy smith/Prince Amukamara/Carlos Rogers/Leon Hall/ Prime Dominique Foxworth

    Thats the kind of player we are getting. I don't see him taking it into that ALL pro level.
  19. Not going to rook us
  20. 16. OJ Howard

    47. dion dawkins, torn here though, loved bowser and was ecstatic with that pick, and also woulve liked to address the secondary and i liked awuzie, but im a trenches guy and im taking dawkins here. wasnt as big a fan of his as bowser or awuzie on a talent level, but the need at OL is simply too much and he fits like a glove at both LG and RT and should dominate either spot.

    74. tim williams, not waiting another pick for him and fuck wormley. wouldve taken him at 47 but didnt because hes available in this scenario

    78. chris godwin, derek rivers would be a tough pass though.

    122. Jalen Reeves-Maybin
    159. adam bisnowaty
    186. isaiah ford

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