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Purple Flock Dynasty League


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Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood selects, S Malcolm Jenkins

Now Team H is up


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I believe everyone has been added. As soon as H sends me his pick, I'll make mine, and hopefully we can also get through round 8 today. Then we can finish up the draft tomorrow.

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I didn’t realize we could only roster 10 WR so Miles Boykins is on the trade block. Otherwise he’s going on waivers after the draft when I add Van Jefferson. I sent some trade offers out. Also open to a 2021 draft pick. Unless we want to expand the WR roster limit in a league that allows 6 WR to start


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So, we're halfway through the 8th round. My friend will make his pick in the morning when he gets up, mine will come right after. And we'll close out the 8th, start the final round, and possibly finish it Monday. If not then, definitely Tuesday.

Thanks for the quickness!