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2018 Forum Mock: Discussion Thread

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by JO_75, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Byron Bell is a Bronco, I signed him during the OL FA.
  2. Thanks.
  3. Fixed. Thank you.
  4. I know you said you're tired so I'll point out this mistake that threw me off. I thought I somehow missed FFA. Then I realized it was a typo lol today is the 21st but not Sunday. So FFA ends on the 22nd right?
  5. Yes and I caught the error and corrected it myself
  6. lol You've got it. That's my bad and good catch. On a complete side note, and this has never been formally mentioned before and therefore couldn't have been known, but we normally prefer to have no more than three bids per post. Just figured I'd give a heads up.
  7. Whoops. Just seen this. I can edit/delete if you'd like.. just didn't want to post 10 different times
  8. Alright... it's been fun. I'll be around here through the real life draft/UDFA signings but I'll be back on my message board sabbatical after that. I'll probably pop up for any big news, but for the most part, this is the last you'll be seeing of me until this game next year when I need something to put my ass in gear and study the prospects. Thanks for making it another good year!
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Second straight year that I'm getting Terence Newman for peanuts. No respect.
  11. At his pace, you can probably keep signing him until 2067 when he finally retires. Sole reason I've stayed away from him these past few years even though it's a minimal investment.
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  12. so glad you could come back and participate in the game this year.
  13. ok, everyone. Now that the Famous Forum Mock is complete, and just in time for the real draft I might add, we are going to need something to get us through the remainder of the offseason. The slowest points of the offseason are among us. This is why we will be bringing back the Draft A Franchise game. This is a game for those who don't want to put in all the necessary work that the Forum Mock has. Here all you have to do is draft Veterans and Free agents once per round for 23 to 26 rounds.
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  14. True, true. I haven't counted on him to be more than a reserve in either season, because I'm with you about the looming drop off. Just figured he would go for more than nothing from a salary cap standpoint, you know? I'm pretty psyched to have him as my 5th or 6th corner.
  15. I already got my old head in Johnathan Joseph so I had no room for him, but Newman did actually say he wants to play another year. If Joseph wasn't signed, Newman might have been a Raven this year.
  16. That's because the rest of us have checked his birth certificate as well.
  17. Half Moon Bay Fumble Factory will take part in the proceedings.
  18. you know I like your name so much, that one of my fantasy teams is called the Fumble Factory. My team name is the Potomac Drainage Basin. A nice pet name for the Redskins
  19. I'm still partial to Blake Bortles' Awful Decisions being that he was on my team the year after throwing 8572 interceptions and also breaking up with Lindsey Duke.
  20. This game was fun. I wanted to play last year, but the commitment scared me, and I didn't have an account yet. Thanks to everyone for setting this up again and making it easy to play.
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