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2018 Forum Mock: Discussion Thread

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by JO_75, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. I’m in favor of a Saturday start with a Sunday close. I could have difficulty closing on Tuesday.
  2. This game really helped me deal with the wait for the draft. Only one more week, I'm hyped!
  3. Now that I’ve pretty much finished up the big board and have a draft mock draft ready and waiting to go and a load of compiled rumours I’m so set for the draft - I really could do with it being this week but heyho - I’m around for the whole of round 1 but I’m gonna be out of my mind smashed and out on the town for rounds 2 and 3 so it would have been nice for it to be this week in stead lol
  4. That's why I play. I typically struggle to find the willpower to get into some of the later round prospects (even more so this year), and this puts my ass in gear and makes me start to know some guys.
  5. Same. I've been trying to learn how to scout and this has helped me look at some tape and start figuring out how I rank some guys.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share on the rumors.
  7. Yeah my first draft playing this game.... no bueno. Since then, I committed to having better drafts and it's been pretty successful and that's because I've taken the time instead of just reading scouting reports.
  8. Haha - I’ve got a little document on my notes app that I add to and adjust as I go - the ones that are killing me are the giants - I thought I had them nailed down a week ago and every rumour under the sun has come out since
  9. Oh yeah. After the draft we have another game to help with the downtime. Much easier game, just draft veterans and rookies to build a team. Called simply, the Draft a Franchise game
  10. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, have a tough time with them as well
  11. In that game, if you draft JJ Watt top 5, he'll miss next two years in real life due to injuries .
  12. Yep, good pick though. Just bad luck
  13. Lol at me and when I drafted Tannehill in the teens.. He wasn't that atrocious yet (maybe) and I couldn't wait to the next RD to pick up the leftovers, but that's a lol pick regardless.
    Luckily I went on drafting Khalil Mack immediately after that.

    I'm also glad you guys invited me to join the game, as it killed that super long postseason wait.
    I just wonder why the heck do they always run the 1st RD on thursday nights.. It's freaking christmas time for us europeans, too.. And I'm losing its essence for the second year in a row.. That makes me super damn sad
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  14. I als drafted Tannehill one yr and many many rounds nds later I took Cousins as the backup. It was the same yr he was the starter for the full season.
  15. Well.. that was a good later pick to even the mistake
    I wish I did the same..
    think that the year after I was going all-Defense and ended up with Cutler if I´m not mistaken... on the good side I´d probably be picking in the top 5 looking for a franchise QB, now :D
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  16. I'll be launching the FFA soon but the list will be updated within the next 10-15 minutes. Feel free to submit legitimate bids whenever it's up.
  17. When will the FFA end?
  18. In 24 hours, tomorrow at 7 PM.
  19. Hey @Truth Josh Woodrum is still on my roster.
  20. Fixed. This is exactly what I need. Everyone and anyone who spots any errors, please message me immediately. I've been working most of the last 36 hours and am currently crashing. The full set of FAs is up, but with such an enormous list, there are bound to be errors. I will appreciate all applicable corrections.

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