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2018 Forum Mock: Trade Block

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. If you missed out on your QB in FA or in the draft, the Bills have the following on the trade block (looking for players and/or picks):

    QB Case Keenum 6 stars
    QB Josh Allen 2 stars
    WR Andre Holmes 1 star
    5.20 pick

    PM me if you are interested
  2. Considering moving starting MLB Benardrick McKinney. He's 25, an absolute monster against the run, has held up in pass coverage, has put up the numbers to boot as a repeating 16-game starter, and is only on a 1 Star contract. The deal would require something with a 3rd involved. We can add pieces on both sides to tip the scales. With the quality MLB prospects gone, the remaining ones would be hoping to have the same start as McKinney, so if you need an already proven starting MIKE in his prime, hit me up.
  3. Alright now that my pick has passed, only one more player up for trade - OG Brandon Fusco (1 star)

    He was a solid G last year, but just doesn't fit my scheme. As you know, I've been ballin' on a budget and at the time, Fusco was the best OL in FA within that budget that I thought I could actually win. Now that I've added some new bodies, Fusco is available. I'm looking for a mid round pick, or would swap myself up in a round if you don't want to lose a pick.
  4. The Detroit Lions are adding the following players to the trade block:

    C Ryan Kalil 4.5 stars
    LB Jarrad Davis 1 star
    WR Ryan Grant 1 star
    TE Michael Roberts .5 stars
    TE Nick O'Leary .5 stars
  5. The Oakland Raiders are looking to move up from 3.34 to somewhere in the middle of the 3rd
  6. Anyone looking to trade back some in the 3rd, PM me. There are multiple auto-skips in-between to soften the blow.
  7. Willing to package starting center Ryan Kalil and starting LB (2017 1st round pick) Jarrad Davis for a 3rd round pick. PM me if interested
  8. I know it's way early (especially with the current pace), but the Ravens are interested in moving up as far as 4.18 and 6.42 will take me. I'd include the prostitute 5.20 (since it's been with all of the teams) instead of 6.42 if necessary but I think 6.42 should take me up to the range I want to be in.
  9. The Saints updated trade block is as follows:

    RB Terrance West - .5 Stars
    FB Anthony Sherman - .5 Stars
    DE/ OLB James Harrison - .5 Stars
    DE/ OLB Dwight Freeney - .5 Stars
    DE/OLB Jeremiah Attaochu - .5 Stars
    DT John Jenkins - .5 Stars
    OG Landon Turner - .5 Stars

    Looking to offload players for picks at reasonable prices.
  10. Browns trade block:

    QB Cody Kessler, 1 star
    WR Rashard Higgins, .5 stars
    WR Ricardo Louis, .5 stars
    OLB/DE Nate Orchard, 1 star
    DE Carl Nassib, 1 star
    CB Corey White, 1 star
    CB B.W. Webb, 1 star
    S Kai Nacua, .5 stars
    S Justin Currie, .5 stars
    S Trevon Hartfield, .5 stars

    Looking for draft picks and/or OT help
  11. RB Mark Ingram (4 Stars) is tentatively on the block. Very good multifaceted RB on an affordable contract who's a proven 1,000 yard rusher. Will be moved for the right offer. I'm looking mainly for picks. PM me if you're interested.
  12. If you missed out on your QB, or WR in FA or in the draft, the Bills have the following on the trade block (looking for players and/or picks):

    QB Case Keenum 6 stars
    QB Josh Allen 2 stars
    WR Andre Holmes 1 star

    If you see a different player on the roster that you are interested in, PM me.
  13. Still trying to move up from 4.18, as far as possible. Trying to make it into the top 8 or so in round 4 but would go higher if needed.

    I'd prefer to move 6.42, but open to swapping 5.20 or maybe Mike Wallace (0.5 stars).
  14. Looking to move as far as I can with a 5th, an early 7th and a depth player (WR Brandon Coleman, DEs James Harrison, Dwight Freeney and Jeremiah Attaochu, DT John Jenkins, OG Landon Turner). I'm also shopping around RB Mark Ingram. Mainly looking for picks, but I could be enticed to trade him for a C, TE or WR. Potentially willing to add to Ingram if the offer is intriguing. PM me if you're interested.
  15. Updated Bills trade block. If you missed out on your QB in FA or in the draft, the Bills have the following on the trade block:

    QB Case Keenum 6 stars
    -looking for a good running back, OG depth (but not poorly rated guards), maybe additional help at TE and CB or some combination of this idea.
    PM me.
  16. Updated Panthers block. I'm looking for 4th, 5th or 6th round picks.
    -S Mike Adams 1.5 stars
    -S Kurt Coleman 3.5 stars
    -CB Daryl Worley .5 stars
    -CB Zach Sanchez .5 stars
  17. For you guys in the next 15 or so picks who want to move back to 4.18...

  18. I'll take door number 1
  19. Detroit Lions are looking to move up using 6.25 and 6.27. PM if interested in moving back from round 5
  20. The Ravens are looking to move up again from 4.35, as far as that and 6.42 will take me (pending prospect availability).

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