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2018 Forum Mock: Trade Block

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Considering moving up or down from the 1.22. If interested in the 1.22, PM me
  2. There are still a few top 20 players still out there. If you are interested in nabbing one of those players my 1st round pick, pick 21 is available.
  3. Potentially looking to trade back from 1 (27) or 1 (30) into the beginning of the 2nd round.
  4. Looking to move into the 2nd round with a 3rd (12), 4 (19) and either 6 (10) or a solid player like a Bennie Logan or a Kareem Martin. I am willing to part with all three picks and a player for the right move. Am hoping to move into the middle range. PM me if you're looking to move back and nab some picks.
  5. The Seahawks will listen to day 3 offers/swap player for Mike Davis and CJ Prosise.. either case, due to the addition of Guice and my appreciation for Carson as a back up and Sims as a complementary runner on 3rd down situations, those two players are going to be cut within few days.
  6. The Ravens are potentially interested in moving back slightly from 2.5

    Of course, it will depend who is picked in the next few picks, but if interested, let's start the discussions now.
  7. I'm willing to package 5th and 6th round picks to move into the third. I could potentially add a player to my offer too
  8. The Bills remaining picks are on the table for someone that wants to move up or move down. Would be most interested in trading my 3rd and 5th to move higher into the first round. We have:


    PM if you want to work out a deal
  9. The Raiders picks from here on out are as follows. I may be interested in moving hire up in the 2nd with either a swap of picks or an outright trade.

    2 Pick 21
    3 Pick 4
    3 Pick 34
    4 Pick 21
    5 Pick 8
    5 Pick 13
    5 Pick 35
    5 Pick 37
    6 Pick 36
    7 Pick 19
  10. Detroit Lions are looking to move up in the 2nd from 2.19. We're willing to package 7.22 (only other pick) and a player to get on the clock asap. PM me if interested
  11. Detroit Lions also have the following players on the trading block:

    WR Ryan Grant (6 foot, sure hands, good routes/speed) 1 star
    TE Cameron Brate (complete TE, great hands, good speed) 4 stars
    TE Michael Roberts (4th round pick from 2017 draft, inline blocker, 11in hands) .5 stars
    TE Nick O'Leary (good #2 tight end) .5 stars
    DE Anthony Zettel (pleasant surprise for the Lions last season, 6.5 sacks, extremely young) .5 stars
    DE William Hayes (earned "high quality" rating from pff, good pass rusher) 1 star
    DT Tom Johnson (pass rushing defensive tackle) 1.5 stars
    DT Sheldon Day (solid/young, always been over shadowed by elite players, huge potential) 1 star
    #191 All_black_everything, Mar 24, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  12. Anyone in the mid to early 2nd want to move back?

    Hit me up
  13. 2.5 is still available in a trade back. Not looking to go back too far but a good offer might intrigue me. Only interested in picking up some extra picks - no players.
  14. Still looking to move up still looking to move up from 2 (19).
  15. Also still looking to move up from 2 (21)
  16. Looking to move up from 2 (28), willing to deal my 5th (7) or possibly 3rd (28)
  17. With the pace as it is, this might be a very early call, but the Ravens would be interested in trading down from either 2.20 or 3.2. I have a few guys in mind for 2.20 but if they're gone, I'm open for business. Only looking to trade down one of those picks.
  18. If anyone is looking to trade out of the 3rd round, I have 4 (5) and picks and players that I can add to the mix. Hoping to land in the early/middle portion. Let me know if you're interested.
  19. Looking to jump up a bit from my 17th pick in the 2nd round, contact if interested
  20. The Saints trade block is as follows:

    FB Anthony Sherman - .5 Stars
    DT/NT Bennie Logan - .5 Stars
    DE/ OLB James Harrison - .5 Stars
    DE/ OLB Dwight Freeney - .5 Stars
    DE/OLB Jeremiah Attaochu - .5 Stars
    DE Trey Hendrickson - .5 Stars (Last year's 3rd round pick)

    I'm looking to couple my 4th (5) and a player, perhaps more, for a move up into the early or middle 3rd round. I'm flexible with the offer, so don't hesitate to give me a shout if you're interested in moving back and pick up a quality piece for the move.

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