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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. You guys got the next Aaron Rodgers with this guy or the first Lamar Jackson! I hope you start him and sit Flacco. What do you guys think? Who should start?
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  2. I hope we don't start him at all this season. I like the Chiefs approach very much. Mahomes also had mechanical issues.
    This is a great article: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/05/09/p...l&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=themmqb
    It shows what Mahomes went through as a Rookie and what he learnt as a scout team QB and sitting behind A.Smith. This would greatly benefit Lamar. I don't even want them to put Lamar in certain packages. Just imagine him being injured because of a trick play.
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  3. The risk of injury is always there, you should try to minimize the risk, but not allow it to paralyze your actions. Lamar,s personality may require him to get some playing time. Think of a Thoroughbred horse that is not allowed to run. Lamar is very liable to get down on himself if he does not see himself earning a little playing time. Mop up duty and an occasional series would be better in his case.
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  4. i feel like straight away the conversation will have been that if he's patient then the keys will be handed to him - they'll work with him and he has the assurance and therefore continued confidence that he will take over the franchise - he seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders so im not sure that he's gonna get down on himself because he knows the situation going in and that should help him set the right goals and avoid disappointments etc. - if he's bought in to what the coaching staff is teaching him and if he feels the buzz in the building around him then im sure he'll be fine

    that being said id be fine with him coming in on mop up duty or the occasional series or garbage time or week 17 maybe (depending on circumstances)
  5. It also depends on how Lamar plays in preseason. Did D.Watson play well last year in preseason?
  6. Really hope we can avoid playing him this year.

    But the pressure is on. Not just on Flacco, but how strong Harborough and co hold up. Every interception, or bad throw by Flacco, the noise gets louder.

    Hopefully Joe can rebound this year as the supporting cast is a lot stronger for him, and Yanda will be back on the line as well.

    So excited for his future with us whenever the day arrives he starts as our QB
  7. not at all - he was uneven at best - there's a reason tom savage initially won that starter job (despite being a terrible qb and a statue in the pocket)

    as exciting as the preseason may be, id temper expectations for jackson to go off and take the league by storm very few rookie qbs look incredible in the preseason although good preseason rookie/year 2 qb play does ironically seem to translate fairly ok to the next level (as long as we arent talking about going against 3rd stringers etc.)
  8. I think he's the first Lamar Jackson frankly. If he's allowed to learn slowly to become a better pocket passer (evidence shows he's improved each year in college), then I think he's going to be the most electric player and game changer in the NFL.

    Now with regard to your question, in an ideal world he should go the Rodgers route and sit for a couple of years behind Flacco. Ideally! However, I don't think that'll happen because for one I don't know the dynamics between Favre and Rodgers but I know that Joe isn't responding well to Lamar Jackson. So, mentorship is going to be a no go from Flacco. But, there is still RGIII who I think the Ravens keep now just to mentor Lamar if nothing else.

    As for when he'll realistically start? That would depend on how Flacco plays this year. If he stinks up the joint or shows general dispassion towards the team and winning and they start really slow and lose a bunch of games making it impossible to get to the playoffs then all bets are off. Probably RGIII starts but LJ is inserted into the game for a few snaps. By the start of next year however, it'll be LJ's team all the way!
  9. I don't think he Perriman #2! He doesn't seem like a kid that is likely to be down on himself no matter what. He seems very confident in his ability and has a very calm head over his shoulders. Case in point - the combine presser! The amount of questions just drawing him out to be a WR by reporters was puke worthy. Yet the kid handled himself with class and respect. Very unlike Cam Newton or anybody else for that matter. I think he'll be fine if he didn't play at all this season.
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  10. This was 2nd year QB for KC Chiefs Patrick Mahomes interview with MMQB:

    "I threw with pretty much everyone on our team at least once this offseason. Whenever anyone was back in Kansas City, we would try to get out and get some work in. We had a group text going; I’d just text the guys, and whoever was in town, they’d say, Alright, I’ll be out there whenever you want to go. We weren’t allowed to throw at the facility in the offseason, so we went to some high schools around town—Shawnee Mission out in Overland Park, Kan., and Bishop Miege, a private school near Country Club Plaza. With the group of guys that we have here, they want to work, they want to get better. So for me, it’s easy."

    Why couldn't Flacco be this way? I just don't get it...
  11. There is no way anyone can defend flacco on this. Flacco is comfortable at being a below avg to avg qb. He isnt competitive enough and its very clear. We have been seeing the same mistakes from flacco since he was a rookie and that alone should tell us every thing.
  12. Oh they'll defend him. The apologists always find a way to defend the indefensible.
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  13. Pretty sure favre wasn't interested in mentoring Rodgers and I don't think that was any secret.

    On one hand, the RG3 signing makes so much sense to mentor Jackson but on the other hand, we gambled with not drafting Jackson multiple times so I cannot assume that's why we signed RG3.

    Regardless I think Jackson will be good to go this season if necessary but hopefully we don't need to because that means we're clicking on all cylinders.

    What's most frustrating about Flacco is that we have to wonder whether we've left Superbowl(s) on the table as a result of his lack of off-season work with players and footwork. It is what it is at this point but I wouldn't be shocked, barring injuries to teams with existing QBs, to see Flacco as a Giant or a Dolphin next year.
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  14. Flacco is responding to LJ the same way he has responded to any draft pick we have selected in the past, including free agents. He didn’t touch base with Steve Smith right away either. This is his personality.
  15. He'll have to prove it on the field, and he definitely has all the potential to do so, but I think Jackson could end up being one of the faces of the league in a few years. Very likable guy so far and should have the play-making ability to back it up.
  16. I love this kid in every respect. He's got that QB charisma, is very likable and most importantly has game breaking potential every time he lines up. What more can Baltimore ask for in their future QB? He imho is going to be the best player selected in this draft in a few years time and will become the most watchable NFL player in a few years with his exploits as QB.
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  17. Average Qbs don't have TEN playoff Wins. Only Brady and Roethlesberger have more.
    The defence rests.
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  18. we most def left superbowls on the table because of flacco lack of competitivenss but at the same time we all cant expect people to have that type of ambition to get better.
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  19. sorry guys but lamar jackson will not develop into an aaron rodgers like passer.
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  20. Might as well quit while we are ahead then.

    Wrap it up ravens nation. Let’s declare him a bust and give up and go 0-16 so we can draft another bust QB
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