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The "WAV" Fantasy League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Just the virgin of the month
  2. And ruin his perfect virgin streak? No way!
  3. You mean of the decade. Good job!
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  6. Have @JoeyFlex5 take off his paper bag that he has to wear this week for being the virgin of the week
  7. I'm pretty sure @DeVito52 can help you with effective techniques in driving the women far, far away.
  8. I am a natural woman repellant, all you've gotta do is look like me! Walmart is going to sell it in stores.

    product not yet sold in stores. Final outcome may vary as this is not a 100% safe way to repel women. devitophil my cause nausea, vomiting, loneliness, lack of self worth, and suicidal thoughts and actions. Do not take this if you wish to ever see the female form of life again. Please talk to your doctor if devitophil is right for you. Do not take devitophil if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. Other side effects include high pitched voice, acne, and small genitals. If pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor before taking devitophil. If overdose occurs please stop taking devitophil right away and call the poison control hotline listed below. Do not come in contact with any women while taking devitophil as this often results in death.
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  9. @29BmoreBird22 better get some of this stuff before it sells out!
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  10. That has to be one of my top 10 favorite posts on this forum.
  11. Why did I start Watkins over Boyd?!?

  12. What were the other nine?
  13. This week's VIRGIN OF THE WEEK goes to @Ludy51 . Do the rest of the world a favor and send yourself to the pit of misery
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  14. THIS WEEKS VIRGIN OF THE WEEK GOES TO @JoeyFlex5. Falling to 3-4 after a good start to the year. How does it feel to be an absolute failure of a human being?
  15. Watch out or you will get a warning for this
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  16. Hey I watched supernatural too don’t leave me out
  17. What do you mean "watched"? It is still going as strong as Mark's biceps.
  18. Well uh I used to watch it with my ex and I haven’t felt like watching it since

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