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NHL Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Dom McRaven, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Thread is self explanatory.
  2. Kings, give me a win tonight since the Ravens couldn't. Please..... #GKG
  3. Can you say back to back? Caps got everyone back from last year and try to repeat as Cup Champions. On a sour note...... Wilson starts the year with a 20 game suspension. 20 games!
  4. Yeah I know, 20 games is ridiculous
  5. Thank you Kings for last night.
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  6. I’m afraid at this point if he farts he will get at least 3 games. Guessing next suspension would be a season then a lifetime ban. If he doesn’t adjust his game he won’t see the end of his contract in Washington.
  7. LOL Blackhawks fired their HC. Hawks fans are PISSED! We could use Quenneville on our team.
  8. Go Caps! I am loving this!
  9. Tom Wilson has been a beast, another goal today.
  10. Holy smoke! I just finished some post game honey dos and saw this. So glad they rethought Friday’s match penalty, it was BS.

    5 - 1 to 5 - 5? WTH? Glad I missed the ducks come back. Now for a Caps win!
  11. 5 unanswered goals was a heartbreaker. Glad the Ravens won so it didn’t ruin my day.
  12. Unreal. Good thing is neither one of us went to the game. Could you imagine being in the stands for that collapse? whoa
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  13. That would have sucked, those tickets aren’t cheap.
  14. No kidding, I get to three, maybe four games a year since they moved downtown. It is a great atmosphere and crowd, and my wife enjoys going so there’s that. lol Usually shop Stubhub and sit up top, but friend of mine gets the hook up usually once a year for seats right below the owner’s box, a real treat!
  15. First it was Las Vegas, now the NHL has added another expansion team. The NHL has voted for Seattle to be the next expansion team in the NHL.
  16. Hmmm....I wonder if they're gonna move a team from the Western Conference to the East.
  17. Nice shutout win tonight against the Blue Jackets for the Caps to stay on top the division.
  18. We may have lost to the Pens but Tom Wilson took care of business. I guess this teaches their GM that he should keep his mouth shut.
  19. Glad to get back in the win column with my Caps and see the Pens finally lose one.
  20. @cobrajet , glad we helped you guys by beating the Pens. This is basically like the opposite of last sports season. Last season, Pens got their asses beat by the Ducks then kicked our asses (after we lost in week 17). This season? Pens go ham against the Ducks only to lose to us next.

    BONUS: Snoop did some guest commentary and that shit was hilarious.

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