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Next Up: Vs. Saints

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Saints are a good team and a worthy opponent and they are a legit test for this defense... But this is a winnable game especially since we are at home.
  2. Number 1 defense (pretty sure this is locked up for the week), vs the number 3 offense in the NFL.
  3. Drew Brees might be the one to break our second half record, but I do think this is a winnable game.
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  4. Wont happen if the offense does what it did today and just does not let him touch the ball all half.
  5. it's an interesting set of matchups - not sure how we schematically solve the alvin kamara puzzle - im intrigued to see how we approach it
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  6. Running back spy with kenny young. He's the only one with the speed. Just man mark him all day!
  7. Another solution would be to finally get Bowser involved and actually use him to his strength here. He's the other LB with speed.

    Our defense has a counter for just about everything with the exception of the TE over the middle. I'm slightly worried that Watson is going to feast because of this. Saints also have a ton of time to prepare too. This should be an entertaining game though.
  8. Wink has been a pure genius this season and one of the best promotions/hires we've made in a very long time. I think the defense just needs to play a good game hopefully.

    Offense will have to put forth their best game of the season. We will need Joe to have his best game of the season as the Saints are the 30th ranked pass defense in the league allowing 11TD's to 2 INTs. It's going to be a tough game for the defense, and Drew Brees is literally the best QB we've faced since Brady in 2016.
  9. Spy with Kenny young, if kamara is out there you spy him every time
  10. I have 0 confidence in this game. It might get ugly.
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  11. I had this game down as a loss at the beginning of the season, even though it’s at home. Drew Brees is going to be tough to handle and he could be throwing his 500th TD against us.
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  12. A lot of doubt here, not from me though. I don’t think they’re ready for this defense. I truly believe that. Our D isn’t gonna play like it did today and that’s for sure, but Their hands will be full. Their defense is respectable but nothing to fear. The saints aren’t some super team incapable of being beat, they’re an incredibly high powered offense with a slightly above average defense playing us at home.

    The key to this game is SPREAD THE BALL! Don’t pull a Cleveland and lock on to whoever is being shut down by lattimore. Lattimore is gonna shut down either brown or crab, they don’t have anything special in the slot or the lb corps and we should be able to move the ball with Snead and the TEs. The TEs haven’t been used for shit the past 2 weeks and it’s unacceptable, we need to use Andrews more, he’s been money when targeted, Boyle’s targets have often been either disastrous or near disastrous. If we target Snead, Andrews, hurst and buck, we should move the ball well, if we’re force feeding crab or brown while they’re covered we’re gonna be fucked.

    Staying committed to the run has worked well. Stick with it, the run game is picking up some steam it looks like, 15+ carries for Collins, 10+ combined touches for buck, and id like to see more lamar plays this week, we’re gonna need that X factor in the run game to keep it balanced and keep the ball on the ground while also moving the sticks and not wasting snaps, keeping brees off the field and keeping it balanced is key.
  13. Drew Brees is a HoF QB but we’ve beaten him before. It’s not like Manning who has historically owned the Ravens. In fact, we beat him the two years we played them in 2010 and 2014; although records don’t mean much just like the Titans’ record of beating us. I do think our defense is a tough match up for him though. The real problem this game is his reputation as a QB and possibly getting penalties called for him in his favor.
  14. I hope the conditions are tricky - let’s take the saints far away from the comfort of their own dome and into the elements

    On a more serious note we’ve got some really tall DL which is pretty helpful in counteracting and reducing the vision of drew brees - let’s get urban and wormley rushing consciously of the passing lanes
  15. Its also huge that this is a home game for the Ravens. The Saints offense is just not the same type of offense on the road especially coming to Baltimore I actually have a lot of faith in the Ravens defense.
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  16. Agree and our defense is better than I thought it would be. That being said, I thought our defense would be good, but it’s really good in both yards and points. We keep this going we should win the division and then who knows from that point. We do need the offense to cooperate though
  17. Contact Marlo Stanfield re kidnap job when Saints arrive.
  18. So since we have the week to prepare for Lewis being out, maybe we see Hurst at LG and Brown at RT? Or do you guys think we put Bozeman at guard and keep Hurst at tackle?

    I just really want to see Brown getting some playtime.
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  19. I'd like the former to happen, but the latter is more likely to happen. However, I'm just guessing.
  20. Great question and I kind of agree here. I would like to see Brown at RT but I think we want to keep Hurst there for whatever reason so I’m guessing we’ll see Bozeman. I’m also guessing someone gets called up from the practice squad since I am guessing Lewis is done for the year regardless. Poor guy can’t stay healthy.
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