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Free Agency 2019

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by JoeyFlex5, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    Been looking at some guys, Demarcus Lawrence, Frank Clark, Grady Jarrett, dee Ford, Derrick Morgan, Preston smith, Anthony Barr, and Adrian Amos really jump off this list for me, this offensive class imo is weak across the board, but we could address a lot of holes on defense through FA, and it’s not worth trying to get a comp pick with the cap clearing we’re gonna do and the talent we will be able to get.

    Personally I love the idea of getting a Grady Jarrett and Frank Clark to crank the shit out of our pass rush
  2. allblackraven

    allblackraven Hall of Famer

    Dolphins admit to phasing out DeVante Parker
    Speaking Thursday, Dolphins OC Dowell Loggains admitted the team was phasing DeVante Parker out of the offense.

    "It's combination of injuries, production, practice," Loggains said. Fact check: True. It still seems uniquely Dolphins that the team has been so incapable of coaxing consistency out of its former first-rounder. Going on 26, Parker will not lack for teams looking to give him a second chance after the Dolphins decline his 2019 team option.
    Source: Barry Jackson on Twitter
  3. Dom McRaven

    Dom McRaven Ravens Ring of Honor

    I wouldn't mind him if we move on from Crabtree.
  4. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    most of those guys are gonna be so expensive or franchised or will get re-signed before free agency

    and the ones who arent im not sure id want - derrick morgan is old, preston smith is nothing special
    anthony barr could be interesting - not sure how much he'd cost but also no point paying him if we keep CJ (which i think we are gonna do at this point) - that would be a huge amount of money to spend at ILB

    Amos is interesting but is he a free safety? i know he's an impact player and i like how he plays but im not sure he fixes our problem at safety in any particular way - he'd have been great in stead of a guy like jefferson potentially... but im not sure i buy him as a decent replacement for weddle
  5. Sami84

    Sami84 MVP

    Trey Flowers would fit. I wouldn't bother with dee ford..seems like a cash in and then do nothing kinda guy.
  6. Sami84

    Sami84 MVP

    What about Ronald Darby to replace Jimmy?
  7. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    im looking at some guys who might be potential cap casualties just because of how big their contracts are and how easily cut they might be and there's some fun names:

    • Kelechi Osemele - no guaranteed money on his contract and was apparently shopped at the trade deadline... dont know if too many bridges were burnt for him to come back though
    • Justin Houston has a 21m cap hit and KC can save 14m cutting him - his production has been down but he's a very suggs like player when healthy and might come at reasonable value
    • Janoris Jenkins
    • Glover Quinn (this one seems unlikely)
    • Danny Trevathan
    • Ronald Leary
    • Jonathan Cyprien
    • Jabaal Sheard
    • Kevin Johnson
    • Timmy Jernigan - again a weird reunion if it happens - the reason the eagles might be happy to let him go is also a reason we might not be interested (great looking DT/DE draft class)
    • Rodney Mcleod
    • Tashaun Gipson
    • Malik Jackson
    • Eversen Griffen (off-field issues and the Vikings are going to have to cut/trade someone because they're so tight against the cap)
    • Andrew Sendejo
    • Desean Jackson (and almost anyone on the Bucs - they are tight against the cap but almost none of their big contracts have much - if any - guaranteed money left - and obviously they may not have to get rid of anyone because releasing winston saves them 20m straight up - Saints also might have to do some non-obvious seeming cuts)
    gonna be lots of interesting cap casualties this year i think
  8. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    they exercised his option already so this would count as a cut wouldnt it? or would it not?
  9. allblackraven

    allblackraven Hall of Famer

    No idea and I didn't know whether they picked up the option on him or not.
    Plenty injured and makes you wonder about his work habits but talented guy, no question.
  10. Sami84

    Sami84 MVP

    Quinton Spain might be an affordable and good upgrade at LG.
  11. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    What is too expensive? Because we have our new rookie QB and some young cheap talent and some old expensive veterans leaving.

    We are gonna clear a mountain of cap space soon, we aren’t in “right player right price” mode. After 2018, we have 4-5 years to get back to the promised land before the lamar era begins to fizzle, he either doesn’t pan out, he leaves after year 5, or he gets paid too much for us to really contend again.

    At this point, it’s time to shed the liabilities and spend that cap on some game breaking talent and get us to the super bowl in a hurry, that’s how the nfl works these days. Plus with the CBA coming, guys signed now will look like bargains. I’ll back up the brinks truck for Jarrett and Amos, and if we can add a good speed rusher on the edge than even better. In the draft we attack the OL and offensive skill guys, after that you keep the secondary stocked with young talent so we never have a 2014 ever again.
  12. Adreme

    Adreme Ravens Ring of Honor

    At this point it might be 4-5 weeks to get back to the SB.

    I do not expect a window to be only 5 years if you stack up the big contracts now and that will leave room for the QB especially with the new CBA.
  13. Davesta

    Davesta Veteran

    They picked up his 5th year option. Plus he’s so injury prone.
  14. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    Free Agency OL class:

    Donovan Smith
    Mitch Morse
    Daryl Williams
    Ja'wuan James
    Trent Brown
    Matt Paradis

    (I'd say the above 6 are probably the marquee names - 5 of them are tackles)

    Nick Easton
    Quinton Spain
    Max Garcia

    some older guys:
    Rodger Saffold (31)
    Mike Iupati
    Jared Veldheer
    Ryan Kalil
    Andy Levitre
    Ramon Foster
  15. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    what contract do you guys reckon ZDS gets this offseason?
  16. cdp

    cdp Pro Bowler

    4/40 there are better pass rusher in this fa class and ZDS isn't your standard edge guy.

    foster is older but a pretty good LG. would you sign him for the right price?
  17. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    yeah 10/yr was sort of the range i was thinking and if that's the case then he might be worth re-signing...

    i guess it would partly depend on sizzle and whether he continues and how much he needs to be paid to continue too...
  18. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    I agree, was thinking in the 10 range. I also think we need to sign him. Boy he really did a 180 this year.
  19. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    I’m taking ZDS at 10m per year, but only if he can be shed without killing our cap. He’s a versatile weapon in the pass rush and can effectively rush literally anywhere
  20. GG.exe

    GG.exe Practice Squad

    We're projected to have about $37m in cap space in 2019.
    That's going to limit us in Free Agency, and we still have to re-sign Mosely.

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