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The Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. There's reason for optimism. But there's a lot to work on.

    Since we aren't going to fire Harbs and Marty.....

    1. James Hurst and Matt Skura CANNOT. BE. STARTERS. ON. THIS. TEAM. If your goal is to get the young buck killed, this is how you do it! Go get a real LG and C. They don't have to be elite, they don't have to be superstars. Just get some real options.
    2. Pass rush needs to improve. Suggs is gone, Smith is overrated, and also gone, and Bowser is a classic case of us fitting a square peg into a round hole, and as much as I like Tim Williams he is injury prone. Massive position of need. We need to get at least two pass rushers this season
    3. Weddle is old and gone. Please hire him as a coach. The safety market will be bustling, we need a FS so we can allow Jefferson to be in the box all the time.
    4. We need to slowly but surely start adding playmakers on the offense... If Lamar is not the answer in five years time it's not a bad idea anyways. Build the foundation, see if we have the brain.
    5. Jimmy Smith is likely gone due to high salary. It's going to suck to see him leave but we need to find another CB to replace him.

    Lot of work to do.... But it's doable.
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  2. it took 17 games (and unfortunately that 17th final straw game killed us) but Hurst finally got benched and it was too late...

    interior OL needs an upgrade somewhere - it doesnt have to be both spots because bolstering one spot inherently lessens the weakness of the other weak spot but we do really need to find some improved play on the interior OL at one of those 2 spots

    pass rush all along the line is a need mainly because it's so inconsistent and it had lots of assists with the blitz but we should be able to get pressure with a 4 man rush and we havent been able to do that really all year...

    ZDS is probably going to cost more than he's worth but it'll be a shame if he does leave, Timmy has been majorly disappointing just because he looked like he'd made that leap before his injury - this is a huge offseason for him

    speed on the back end made us exploitable and especially against any team that's good pass protecting

    huge need and probably underrated given the reduction in the passing game since lamar took over but we need playmakers at wr - we're inevitably going to have to open this offence up like we did (only) in the 2 minute offence and we need receivers to create separation to get those chunk plays down the field either by taking a short pass for extra yardage or for getting themselves open downfield
  3. Sucks we gotta talk about this now.
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  4. it does suck - but we've entered (for me at least) an exciting new era of football with lots of positives and things to rally around as an organisation and with a roster with lots of young talent at key spots... the team will look a lot different next year i think but it's not a rebuild in the way i think we've been consistently kind of treading water/rebuilding simultaneously year on year since 2014

    for the first time in a while this feels fundamentally different - a stock up rather than a complete retool
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  5. I would say, OL, pass rush, WR to develop(maybe take a look around the league for a new WR coach lol), MLB someone to put next to Mosley, Weddles replacement, gotta get faster at that position with a pass happy league, a Jimmy Smith insurance policy/replacement, and find a Lamar Jackson insurance policy/replacement Incase things done pan out (disclaimer: I’m not hating or saying he won’t pan out for sure, I like him, I’m just not sold on him 110% yet)
  6. i really really really want us to get rid of bobby engram and have done for years - like to me that's more important than getting marty out or anyone else on staff - please let us replace engram
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  7. He just hasn’t really developed anyone, I mean Chris Moore has come through at times but that’s been a really long project with not too big of an outcome.

    In a perfect world of course, I wouldn’t mind us taking two first round picks for Harbs (if truly possible). Promote Roman to HC, Fire Marty and Engram, keep Wink and everyone else. And go after the positions I listed above through FA and the draft. We’ll have more cap space to play with this year and those possible Harbs picks would be great, plenty of opportunity and do-able to upgrade at those positions. Also we have new blood and a fresh mind at GM now
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  8. The real question is the future of Suggs. He’s not retiring but how can you throw money his way when he’s obviously not who he once was although he still makes an impact at times. We also need to keep Mosley and Urban is also a free agent right? That’s some key pieces of the defense to be honest.
  9. This might be the hardest offseason for us ever.. what then hell do we do? Should we give mosley that big ass contract? I dnt think he is worth 50+ mil, matter fact he isnt at all.. when can we release brandon williams and jefferson cause they need to go! Im sure weddle is gone too!.oline got killed today other than yanda so theres that.. wrs cant get open as usual.. yea we all fked up
  10. right after the SB was probably a much harder offseason, plus we didn't have the cap space. This year atleast we have sufficient cap space.
    Releasing Brandon Williams doesn't make sense until the end of next season as it isn't a savings at all. TJ we could save cash but again he's fine in the run game, just use him at his strength ONLY.
    The 50m contract for Mosley isn't going to look like much once the new CBA comes into play and from what I've heard, Mosley only wants a two year contract to bring him to the end of the CBA. I'd be all for that if he truly was ok with a two year contract.
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  11. i really want to see how tavon austin would play with lamar in a similar role to tyreek hill
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  12. Why is our best athlete our QB?

    We do have Averett who might be able to step in for Jimmy. If we're moving on we can definitely get something for him or try and package him for a piece. We need more speed on defense. We need more speed on the outside. We need players teams have to GAMEPLAN for. Also, by game plan I don't mean having to stop Lamar from running, but MAYBE a piece a DC thinks he has to worry about covering. Speaking of which, how about getting an OC who isn't afraid of schemes from this decade.
  13. Eric Weddle said he will sit down and speak with Eric DeCosta. Said he’d like to finish out last year of deal w/Ravens, but if Ravens don’t want him back, he will retire and “ride off into sunset.”

    it's cool he feels that strongly about this place - just like SSS it's cool that these guys come here and feel like they've come home despite spending most of their time in different organisations

    John Brown, who is a free agent, said he’d love to be back with Ravens. Called it most fun year he’s ever had. Acknowledged it won’t be all about money, but said he likely won’t be accepting 1-year deal this offseason.

    Robert Griffin III: “id love to be back. I feel like I have a good grasp of what this team is trying to do.”

    we've got a nice culture here
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  14. Tavon Austin brings very little value as a receiver, he's now primarily a return specialist
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  15. I don't understand why he doesn't retire. He's clearly lost more than a step. He's fundamentally ineffective from about week 7 or 8 through the rest of the season. We can't sign him to any form of a significant salary and why he'd continue to play for a low wage other than just not wanting to let go.

    I'd hate to see him go the route of James Harrison, bouncing from one team to another until he's cut for good.
  16. The more I think about it the more I think we're not going to keep Weddle on. He's not terrible like many seem to think on these boards, but the cap savings on his cut is just too high to ignore. We need $ to address other needs and need to get younger where we can.

    I'm stunned that Brown would want to come back, given how little he was utilized during Jackson's time. He'd have to be counting on Lamar's development improving to be able to get the ball outside the numbers. It be nice to have him back.

    I think it is probably a slam dunk that we're going to sign RGIII as our backup QB.
  17. Yeah you beat me to it. I was sure that Brown was gone since he didn't get the ball that much. I think he really wants to help Lamar grow as a passer. As for Weddle, I'm of the mindset that he's gone, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him here for one more year and that's it.

    To address @rossihunter2 's point about the culture, I think this is what keeps Harbaugh. Think about it: 5-11 in 2015, 8-8 in 2016, and 9-7 in 2017. All three seasons of missed playoffs. The players could've easily quit on him and poof he's out of here. The most we ever heard about the locker room was in 2015 when SSS called guys out for just being happy to be on the roster which I agree since we were severely lacking playmakers that year. I also remember Snead's comments about Harbaugh when he said that you could approach Harbs about anything and you forget he's a HC.
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  18. Easily see RG3 being brought back if he's not offered something crazy by another team. On the fence about Brown, only because of prior injury history. I think we have to keep Snead and give Moore an extension. No idea what this wr class looks like in either FA or draft.
  19. i dont know that that's true with sizzle - he's been an impact player all year - the sack numbers went down but the production and play level really didnt - i mean it depends on what money he wants but i cant see getting rid of him just because he's old given the level he was playing at
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  20. Brown not coming back i dnt think
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