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(Fire) Greg Roman

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_Translation, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Dom McRaven

    Dom McRaven Ravens Ring of Honor

    You know @DeVito52 , I wanted to do this in a civil manner but since you wanna act up.....FUCK your rights. I hereby sentence you to the Pit of Misery for an indefinite period of time.

    Dilly dilly!
  2. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    Dilly Dilly
  3. DeVito52

    DeVito52 Ravens Ring of Honor

    You hereby sentence me? Yeah goodluck with that. Fuck your pit
  4. Dom McRaven

    Dom McRaven Ravens Ring of Honor

    Get to walking bitch!
  5. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    To the pit of misery dilly dilly
  6. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    Okay. Serious post. So Greg Roman employs a ton of play action fakes and bootlegs. Really studying his past, I really don't think he's historically been the main problem.

    This fits in beautifully with Lamar. Lamar is really adept at throwing on the run and bootlegs with him are a dangerous proposition that no defense in the game wants to face. This, plus the fact that both TEs are good, makes only strengthens my viewpoint: build the damn line. Snead and the TEs are going to eat any opposition alive with this if we have a strong running game. Worrying about a deep threat is still important but it ain't going to matter if we can't beat teams off the ball.
  7. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    As long as Lamar sees the seam when it’s open... too many times he didn’t see the seam coming open for a large gain on what he’s already proven so far are throws he can make routinely when he makes that read
  8. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    I think that's a more than fixable issue in due time.
    Moved it here. I could not disagree with Waldman more with regards to Roman. Roman's offenses in the past have been historically heavy on the things that Lamar Jackson is good at. Lots of play action, bootlegs, getting the tight ends heavily involved. The problem with Roman in the past is that Kaepernick never had a good enough head for the game(and terrible mechanics, worse than Lamar's), and in Buffalo Tyrod wasn't bad, but he wasn't good either. If you look at Lamar as a QB, he's a guy who's looking to pass first, who is smart enough to take what the defense gives him and as the season went on, he's not afraid to take deep shots. He only runs if he absolutely has no choice. Lamar thrives off of playaction rollouts for this reason because he's more than excellent at throwing on the run and if you don't contain him it's going to be a net gain of ten yards for us anyways. I would expect that to be a staple, and I'm frustrated that it wasn't.

    Lamar isn't articulate and may not have the book smarts to do well on a Wonderlic, but the kid is methodical in his approach.

    What is going to make or beak Lamar's development(assuming full health) at the end of the day isn't Roman's playcalling, or even his mechanics. Those will come in due time, I trust them in that regard. It's going to be whether Lamar learns how to read defenses pre and post snap.... Especially post snap.
  9. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    Not sure who it was but I can remember a post asking about where Bozeman is likely to smart. Assuming Harbaugh's hard-on for Hurst and Lewis has finally calmed down, I would honestly put him at LG. Bozeman isn't going to be an all-pro or anything, but I could see him turning into an above average LG. Honestly, I'd want my C in Greg Roman's offense to be more agile. Bozeman is a lot of things, technically sound, strong as a bull, smart, but he's not that. Remember, Roman runs a ton of zone. Bozeman has experience with that, but I'm worried his lack of agility from the C position would hurt that. The LG position is not nearly as important as a lot of people think it is in this scheme. I don't want to hear about Hurst's pulling. He was overrated by the fanbase in that regard. We had Hurst and Skura at G that season(who both SUCK), and the only reason Collins had any success is because of scheme deception once again(Roman really is a genius). You can get away with having less-than stellar athletes at the RT and LG positions in this scheme. Orlando Brown Jr. is going to be a very good RT, but he's not a great athlete.

    We really REALLY need a C. It's far and away the biggest need on the team. If we go into next season with Skura starting at the C position, we are not going to go very far.

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