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2019 Forum Mock: Discussion Thread

Discussion in '2019 Forum Mock' started by RavensMania, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. he had a really great senior bowl week
  2. I can spend a max of 1 star, so watch out. Coming to steal your guys.
  3. Be careful, they might retire
  4. think I've got 9 stars to spend. Is Riley Reid available?
  5. Apparently the Jets were willing to trade up into the 2nd for Hardman, so it looks like you chose wisely.
  6. Usually Hardman is the exact type of guy I try to stay away from - raw and new to the position, but athletic traits that are great. My offense needed some speed though, so I figured I’d take the chance. Only time will tell if he looks good on the field, but I at least feel good about value now. If there is any team that will maximize his value, it has to be KC, so fingers crossed it all comes together and I look like a genius in a couple of years.
  7. I won't lie, I've seen literally none of him. Makes me feel like I may have missed out. Hope he blossoms for you. Sounds like he easily has the promise with the situation he's in.
  8. I'd have to say this was one of my best drafts in my five Forum Mock drafts. Although my two first round picks both ended up going in the 2nd round, I had to take a chance on D.K. Metcalf with all of the picks that I had and Byron Murphy ended up getting drafted with the 1st pick in the 2nd round. I also had a 2nd round pick (Simmons) and a 3rd round pick (Tytus Howard) get drafted in the 1st round.

    Of the other 11 picks, I had 3 UDFA (Rypien, Wesley and Tate). The only pick I picked earlier than the real draft except the UDFAs was Blake Casham and that is due to having a man crush on him. I feel he will be a steal in this draft and wish we drafted him.

    Round 1 Pick 12 D. K. Metcalf WR (2nd Round)
    Round 1 Pick 23 Byron Murphy CB (2nd Round)
    Round 2 Pick 14 Jeffery Simmons DT (1st Round)
    Round 2 Pick 17 Rock Ya-Sin CB (2nd Round)
    Round 3 Pick 3 Yodny Cajuste OT (3rd Round)
    Round 3 Pick 12 David Montgomery RB (3rd Round)
    Round 3 Pick 13 Tytus Howard OT (1st Round)
    Round 4 Pick 18 Blake Cashman ILB (5th Round)
    Round 5 Pick 12 Brett Rypien QB (UDFA)
    Round 5 Pick 26 Antoine Wesley WR (UDFA)
    Round 5 Pick 32 Bryce Love RB (4th Round)
    Round 6 Pick 6 Greg Gaines DT (4th Round)
    Round 6 Pick 23 Phil Haynes OG (4th Round)
    Round 6 Pick 24 Trevon Tate OG (UDFA)
    Round 6 Pick 40 Shareef Miller OLB (4th Round)
  9. My UDFA:
    Chris Slayton DT (7th Round)
    Benny Snell RB (4th Round)
    Marvell Tell III SS (5th Round)
    Saivion Smith CB (UDFA)
    Martez Ivey OG (UDFA)
    Tyre Brady WR (UDFA)
  10. What's happening with FFA?
    My FA back just tore his achilles, need another one.
  11. Fun fact that I just kind of realized... the Ravens have reportedly picked up 3 UDFAs that I also picked up. LJ Scott, Markus Jones, and Evan Worthington. It'll be nice to get an up close look at them over the summer.
  12. trade next years picks for one. at this point, I'm not sure
  13. Should we run the FFA this weekend?
  14. Sure
  15. Still nothing?
  16. We've had to shelve it for a short period of time. One of our key contributors was struck with tragic news at the end of the work week, and with the FA list needing to be extensively scrubbed down, we just didn't have enough time to get it done.
  17. I'm sorry to hear about this tragic news, hope all is well.
  18. I appreciate you waiting for me, but it isn't necessary. Please move forward with the game.

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